Man on stretcher being rescued from damaged building
Film still The Waking Point, (Britain: Central Office of Information, 1951, COI 1181)

Jessica Douthwaite was awarded her doctorate in 2018 for her thesis ‘Voices of the Cold War in 1950s Britain’. A partnership between IWM and the University of Strathclyde, her research investigated the experiences of the Cold War by ordinary British people in the 1950s through oral history testimony. In doing so, her project gave voice to routine engagement with predominant Cold War themes during the period, probing assumptions that the Cold War was a primary concern for average British people. Her research interrogated how far fear and anxiety were really experienced in relation to Cold War threats in the everyday lives of 1950s Britons, with particular focus on how emotions and everyday experience impact on individual and collective engagement with global issues and international relations.