A soldier passes war artist John Keane as he sketches during the Gulf War 1990-91
© Ken Lennox (GLF 1324)

Clare Carolin began an AHRC Collaborative Doctoral Award notionally titled "Bring the War Home: Civic Participation, Citizenship Rituals and the Representation of Conflict in Contemporary Art", in October 2015. A partnership between the IWM Art Department and the Ruskin School of Art, University of Oxford her project is situated at the intersection of the theory and practice of contemporary art and curatorship, activist and social movements, and social, military and media developments in the period from 1968 to the present, during which the IWM’s programme of commissioning and exhibiting work by contemporary artists has been active. By contextualising individual case studies from the IWM’s programme within the scope of emergent forms of non-linear conflict and the recent global expansion of the infrastructures of contemporary art, including the growth in the museum and gallery sector, her project considers contemporary art’s recent focus on conflict as inextricably linked to the loss of the agency and effectiveness of conventional journalism and to the changing forms of visual culture and civic participation that define the turn of the 20/21st century.