French civilian Mari-Anne Le Du clasping a book among the debris in one of the rooms of her new home in the village of Buron, N. W. of Caen.
© IWM (B 7700)

Alice Tofts began an AHRC Collaborative Doctoral Award entitled Understanding Jewish Memory through Oral History and Family Photographs: IWM’s Collection of Private and Personal Photographs of Jewish Refugees and Holocaust Survivors in October 2017. A partnership between IWM and the University of Nottingham, her project will explore the role of photographs for survivors and second generation survivors in forming memories and meanings of pre-war and early post-war life. By exploring family photographs within oral history interviews, her research will investigate how these photographs were imbued with meaning upon production, use and dissemination, consequently understanding the relationship between oral traditions, photographs and memory within survivor families. By analysing IWM’s collecting, archiving and displaying practices of these family photographs, her project will also examine the relationship between private and public forms of storytelling