Current students

  • French civilian Mari-Anne Le Du clasping a book among the debris in one of the rooms of her new home in the village of Buron, N. W. of Caen.
    © IWM (B 7700)
    Alice Tofts

    Understanding Jewish Memory through Oral History and Family Photographs: IWM’s Collection of Private and Personal Photographs of Jewish Refugees and Holocaust Survivors

  • Fabio Simonetti

    British military encounters with Italian civilians, 1943-1946

  • Army Film and Photographic Unit photographer Sgt Norman Midgley in his jeep
    © IWM (B 7947)
    Oliver Carter-Wakefield

    The cameraman’s experience of the Second World War: a study of the AFPU dope sheets/The Army Film and Photographic Film Unit, 1941-1945.

  • Mrs Kitchener, a female gravedigger, carries on her husband's business whilst he serves on the front, Aley Green Cemetery, Luton.
    © IWM (Q 31234)
    Colin Harding

    Horace Nicholls: Artist, Journalist, Propagandist, Opportunist

  • General Orde Wingate and an American Liason Officer in discussion with a Chindit.
    © IWM (MH 7864)
    Simon Browne

    Soldiers of stamina and daring: exploring the lives and legacies of Major General David Lloyd-Owen and Major General Orde Wingate

  • A maintenance Wren screwing down caps of the oil pump of an MTB engine.
    © IWM (A 12196)
    Jane Clarke

    A review of the impact of women’s military or wartime service in the aftermath of the First World War

  • The Battle For Britain, Ralph Applebaum Associates
    Kasia Tomasiewicz

    The Imperial War Museum and British Public Memory of the Second World

  • Engravings on sandtone at the North Head Quarantine site, Sydney
    Hannah Mawdsley
    Hannah Mawdsley

    The Politics of Commemoration and the 1918 Influenza Pandemic

  • A soldier passes war artist John Keane as he sketches during the Gulf War 1990-91
    © Ken Lennox (GLF 1324)
    Clare Carolin

    Bring the War Home: Civic Participation, Citizenship Rituals and the Representation of Conflict in Contemporary Art

  • British Army soldiers in the jungle in Kenya during the Mau Mau uprising in 1952 or 1953.
    © IWM (MAU 545)
    Tom Probert

    The impact of participating in British counterinsurgency campaigns, 1945-1997, on the psyche of British armed forces personnel

  • Hollad House Library, 1940. Three men inspect the book shelves in a bomb damaged hall.
    © IWM (HU 131632)
    Jane McArthur

    The Scars of War: Ruin, Memory and Loss in Photographs of World War II London

  • image: three studies of gassed British infantrymen lying on the ground. The three men lie with their heads resting on improvised pillows made of blankets and equipment, with their eyes covered with bandages.
    © IWM (Art.IWM ART 16162 8)
    Chloe Nahum

    The First World War and the Senses

  • John Beales

    Surviving modern war: the experiences of British armed forces personnel during the Falklands campaign, 1982

  • Lee Arnott

    Confronting the Masculine Military Ideal: Experiences of Gay Soldiers in the British Army after 1982


  • Jessica Douthwaite

    Voices of the Cold War

  • Sabine Grimshaw

    Pacifism and protest: anti-war sentiment in IWM collections

  • Anna Maguire

    Colonial Encounters during the First World War

  • Rebecca Coll

    Noble Frankland and the reinvention of the Imperial War Museum 1960-1982

  • Leanne Green

    Advertising War: War Publicity and the First World War.

  • Lizzie Oliver

    Interpreting Memories of a Forgotten Army: Prisoner-of-war narratives from the Sumatra Railway, May 1944 - August 1945

  • James Wallis

    Remembrance, Commemoration and Memory: Negotiating the Imperial War Museum’s First World War Exhibitions, 1964 - 2014.

  • Alys Cundy

    A Century of Reinvention: Display Policy and Practice at the Imperial War Museum, 1917-2017.

  • Chris Deal

    Framing War, Sport and Politics: The Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan and the Moscow Olympics

  • Laura Johnson

    Establishing Broadcast Monitoring as Open Source Intelligence: The BBC Monitoring Service during the Second World War

  • Kevin Reynolds

    ‘That Justice be Seen’: the American Prosecution’s Use of Film at the Nuremberg International Military Tribunal.

  • Rebecca Searle

    Working Space, Production and Visual Culture: Aircraft in Wartime Britain, 1939-45.

  • Hope Wolf

    Something yet unpublished’: Anecdotes in the Imperial War Museum’s Archive of the 1964 BBC Series, The Great War.