Current students

  • French civilian Mari-Anne Le Du clasping a book among the debris in one of the rooms of her new home in the village of Buron, N. W. of Caen.
    © IWM (B 7700)

    Alice Tofts

    Understanding Jewish Memory through Oral History and Family Photographs: IWM’s Collection of Private and Personal Photographs of Jewish Refugees and Holocaust Survivors

  • Army Film and Photographic Unit photographer Sgt Norman Midgley in his jeep
    © IWM (B 7947)

    Oliver Carter-Wakefield

    The cameraman’s experience of the Second World War: a study of the AFPU dope sheets/The Army Film and Photographic Film Unit, 1941-1945.

  • Mrs Kitchener, a female gravedigger, carries on her husband's business whilst he serves on the front, Aley Green Cemetery, Luton.
    © IWM (Q 31234)

    Colin Harding

    Horace Nicholls: Artist, Journalist, Propagandist, Opportunist

  • Hollad House Library, 1940. Three men inspect the book shelves in a bomb damaged hall.
    © IWM (HU 131632)

    Jane McArthur

    The Scars of War: Ruin, Memory and Loss in Photographs of World War II London

  • Herbert Hillier, 'Dreams! The 'Guard' Off Duty, July 2nd 1915' pencil drawing
    © IWM ART 4374

    Chloe Nahum

    ‘To dream as I have never dreamed before’: Dreaming and the First World War.

  • John Beales

    War Stories: composure and discomposure in British veterans’ communication of their experiences of the Falklands War, 1982

  • Lee Arnott

    Confronting the Masculine Military Ideal: Experiences of Gay Soldiers in the British Army after 1982

  • Black and white photograph of British forces in Berlin post-war
    © IWM

    Ellis Keeber

    Berlin: British Cold War City, 1945-1994

  • Niels Boender

    'Legacies of Insurgency and Counterinsurgency: Activism and Politics in Central Kenya, 1956-1969'.

  • Katy Thornton

    'The influence of contemporary culture on young combatants in West Africa (1989–2003), explored through the archives of ‘trans-media’ journalist Tim Hetherington',

  • Maria Creech

    ‘Diversifying and decolonising conflict photography: an exploration of how accompanying textual information can influence the reading and understanding of photographs’

  • Megan O’Mahony

    The Body as a Battlefield: Material Culture and Narratives of Sexual Violence in Conflict