Current students

  • Kenyan men being searched during operations against the Mau Mau
    © IWM MAU 865

    Niels Boender

    Mau Mau’s Unquiet Ghosts: Reconciliation and local politics in Central Kenya, 1956-1969

  • Three young members of the group Liberians United for Reconciliation and Democracy (LURD) sit in front of a formation of fighters preparing to march towards the capital Monrovia. June 2003.
    © IWM DC 64034

    Katy Thornton

    The influence of contemporary culture on young combatants in West Africa (1989–2003), explored through the archives of ‘trans-media’ journalist Tim Hetherington

  • Mr F B K Drake (right), Civilian Liaison Officer-in-Charge of Dyak trackers in Malaya, talks with some of his selected jungle fighters.
    © IWM DM 146

    Rio Creech-Nowagiel

    Diversifying and decolonising conflict photography: an exploration of how accompanying textual information can influence the reading and understanding of photographs

  • Chinese and Malayan girls forcibly taken from Penang by the Japanese to work as 'comfort girls' for the troops.
    © IWM SE 5226

    Megan O’Mahony

    Representing and Remembering Conflict-Related Sexual Violence in the Second World War

  • Students at Belfast University, carrying banners proclaiming 'Civil rights for everyone', the 'Special Powers Act Must Go', and 'We want Houses Not Platitudes', march through Belfast to the City Hall in October 1968.
    © HU 55866

    Ella Roberts, DTP student

    The BBC and Northern Ireland: creating and accepting a shared truth

  • . Image of scene at Camp Bastion, Helmand Province, Afghanistan during Operation Herrick XIX (H19). Taken during a visit by members of the War Story project team. A British solider on a laptop and drinking a hot drink in the Navy, Army and Air Force Institutes (NAAFI) area. The NAAFI area includes shops, coffee house, Pizza Hut and outdoor eating areas.
    © IWM DC 3683

    Hirah Azhar

    Manufacturing reality in the war of narratives: Islamic State photo propaganda, British military influence operations, and public perception

  • Three British soldiers train on the beaches of suffolk
    © IWM H 8397

    Megan Hamilton

    Training the Troops: British and Imperial Armies, 1939-1945