• General Orde Wingate and an American Liason Officer in discussion with a Chindit.
    © IWM (MH 7864)

    Simon Browne

    Soldiers of stamina and daring: exploring the lives and legacies of Major General David Lloyd-Owen and Major General Orde Wingate

  • A maintenance Wren screwing down caps of the oil pump of an MTB engine.
    © IWM (A 12196)

    Jane Clarke

    A review of the impact of women’s military or wartime service in the aftermath of the First World War

  • A concept image IWM's new Second World War Galleries. Patrons exploring the Second World War galleries full of images and objects.
    © IWM (A concept image IWM's new Second World War Galleries)

    Kasia Tomasiewicz

    The Imperial War Museum and British Public Memory of the Second World

  • A soldier passes war artist John Keane as he sketches during the Gulf War 1990-91
    © Ken Lennox (GLF 1324)

    Clare Carolin

    Bring the War Home: Civic Participation, Citizenship Rituals and the Representation of Conflict in Contemporary Art

  • Jessica Douthwaite

    Voices of the Cold War

  • British Army soldiers in the jungle in Kenya during the Mau Mau uprising in 1952 or 1953.
    © IWM (MAU 545)

    Tom Probert

    The impact of participating in British counterinsurgency campaigns, 1945-1997, on the psyche of British armed forces personnel

  • Sabine Grimshaw

    Pacifism and protest: anti-war sentiment in IWM collections

  • Anna Maguire

    Colonial Encounters during the First World War

  • Rebecca Coll

    Noble Frankland and the reinvention of the Imperial War Museum 1960-1982

  • Leanne Green

    Advertising War: War Publicity and the First World War.

  • Lizzie Oliver

    Interpreting Memories of a Forgotten Army: Prisoner-of-war narratives from the Sumatra Railway, May 1944 - August 1945

  • James Wallis

    Remembrance, Commemoration and Memory: Negotiating the Imperial War Museum’s First World War Exhibitions, 1964 - 2014.

  • Alys Cundy

    A Century of Reinvention: Display Policy and Practice at the Imperial War Museum, 1917-2017.

  • Chris Deal

    Framing War, Sport and Politics: The Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan and the Moscow Olympics

  • Laura Johnson

    Establishing Broadcast Monitoring as Open Source Intelligence: The BBC Monitoring Service during the Second World War

  • Kevin Reynolds

    ‘That Justice be Seen’: the American Prosecution’s Use of Film at the Nuremberg International Military Tribunal.

  • Rebecca Searle

    Working Space, Production and Visual Culture: Aircraft in Wartime Britain, 1939-45.

  • Hope Wolf

    Something yet unpublished’: Anecdotes in the Imperial War Museum’s Archive of the 1964 BBC Series, The Great War.

  • Hannah Mawdsley

    The Politics of Commemoration and the 1918 Influenza Pandemic

  • Fabio Simonetti

    British military encounters with Italian civilians, 1943-1946