Inaugurated in December 1998, the HMS Belfast Association has a membership of over 400 former Officers and Ship's Company of HMS Belfast when she was in commission (1939-1963).

The Association was established to:

  • Reunite former members of the Ship's company, providing opportunities for members to share memories through meetings and reunions including the annual Trafalgar Night Dinner
  • Keep members up to date with relevant news and activities through the 'Seahorse' newsletter
  • Where possible provide welfare support in special cases
  • Support the Trustees of IWM in preserving HMS Belfast and her history for future generations

The Association is based on board HMS Belfast and its chairman is Admiral Sir James Eberle, GCB, LLD, MH. Its President is Captain Mike Matthews.

Membership is £10 a year.

For all enquiries concerning membership subscriptions and events please contact Mr Wally Filby:

020 8680 5704

[email protected]