The changes that took place at IWM London between 2012 and 2014 were the focus of behind-the-scenes investigations and reporting by our Young Reporters, Year 5 students from local primary schools Archbishop Sumner and Oasis Academy Johanna.

The aim of our Young Reporters project was to increase local awareness of IWM London and encourage more museum visits from families in our local community by actively involving young people in the transformation of the museum.

This was a skills based project where, as well as learning about history, students discovered what happens behind the scenes of a museum  and shared this more widely within their local community through podcasts, posters, displays and films.

About Young Reporters

The young people involved in the project did everything from solving the problem of getting the large objects out of the building, interviewing staff across different museum departments about their involvement with the transformation, working with IWM’s Conservation team to find out how to care for our collections, and researching for films about the family trail objects in our new First World War Galleries. They also helped host community events and even interviewed the Prime Minister for Newsround.

What's been going on behind the scenes?