Ken Clarry lives and works in the UK as a practising artist, sculptor and photographer. He studied landscape photography and art at the London School of Art, Architecture and Design, and Professional Photography at the University of Westminster (formerly PCL) where he obtained a distinction. In 2020 he was awarded a Doctorate at the University of Brighton for art practice research into the Spectre of Violence in Contemporary Art Practice. His images have been widely exhibited in the UK, Europe and Asia. Current projects include: ‘Changing landscape – Moving lives: migration, refugees and displaced persons’, and ‘Conflict Pollution: The Environmental and Ecological impact of war and conflict’. He uses lens-based processes to make images that centre on societal, cultural and environmental issues. To establish context and theory, he adopts aesthetic notions and practices, and analyses key literary and philosophical texts. This method opens up sites-of-discourse as ‘transitions’ or ‘iterations’ to understand what societal disjunctions and lacuna, such as conflict, war, migration and climate change, mean to, and for, different societies. In processing the research, his intention is to learn something new about the subject matter and the subliminal influences that impart a lingering ‘presence’ or ‘sense’ that interacts with the viewer to transcend origins.




South East England

Areas of Specialist Interest

  • Second World War and mid-20th Century (1929 – 1949)
  • The Holocaust
  • Contemporary conflict 21st century (2001 - present)
  • War on Land
  • Arts and war
  • Refugees


  • 2021- University of Brighton - Visiting Fellow researching the environmental and ecological effects of war and conflict
  • 2014 -2020 University of Brighton - PhD
  • 2010-2012 University of Brighton - MA
  • 2000-2005 Kent Institute of Art & Design - BA (Hons) in Fine Art
  • 1978-1981 Polytechnic of Central London - DIP Professional Photography.


  • Working with digital and social media
  • Working with artists and performers
  • Project Management
  • Exhibitions and Interpretation
  • Marketing and PR
  • Historical research
  • Artworks
  • Photograph collections