Abby S. Whitlock is an independent historian focusing on the World Wars. Her research interests are British and German aviation during the First World War, the development of combat medicine, airborne operations, and welfare and morale practices. She obtained her BA in History and European Studies from the College of William and Mary in 2019, where her honors thesis “A Return to Camelot?: British Identity, The Masculine Ideal, and the Romanticization of the Royal Flying Corps Image” focused on the factors contributing to the masculine ideal of the flying ace for media and official use during the First World War. She received her MSc in History from the University of Edinburgh in 2022, where her dissertation, ‘“It’s a rum life”: Physical Space, Group Dynamics, and Morale Amongst Royal Flying Corps Scout Pilots, 1914-1918″, explored how the infant nature of aviation during the First World War allowed for the maintenance of hegemonic masculine ideals through the creation of physical spaces on aerodromes. She’s presented a variety of lectures and presentations at the Royal Air Force Museum exploring a range of Royal Flying Corps and Royal Air Force topics.


Independent Historian and Researcher


Outside UK

Areas of Specialist Interest

  • First World War and early 20th Century (1914 - 1929)
  • Second World War and mid-20th Century (1929 – 1949)
  • The Holocaust
  • Wartime Aviation
  • War on Land
  • British Empire and Commonwealth
  • Arts and war
  • Medicine


  • BA (with highest honors) in History and European Studies
  • MSc (with Distinction) in History


  • Working with digital and social media
  • Working with schools and young people
  • Working with community organisations
  • Working with collections and archives
  • Project Management
  • Exhibitions and Interpretation
  • Marketing and PR
  • Paper archives
  • Historical research
  • Oral histories and sound collections
  • Film collections
  • Artworks
  • Large objects e.g. military vehicles
  • Firearms and explosives
  • Delivering presentations