What is the War and Conflict Subject Specialist Network (SSN)?

The War and Conflict SSN is a partnership programme led by Imperial War Museums, to build capacity, connections and confidence in the cultural heritage sector. Our aim is to share knowledge and skills amongst the many organisations and groups across the UK and further afield, who cover our subject matter in their work. The Network is generously supported by Arts Council England and Art Fund.

Which wars does it cover?

The SSN mirrors the remit of Imperial War Museums, namely, war and conflict since the First World War. This is divided into 4 key time periods:

  • First World War and early 20th Century (1914 - 1929)
  • Second World War and mid-20th Century (1929 - 1949)
  • Cold War and late-20th Century (1949 - 2000)
  • Contemporary conflict 21st century (2001 - present)
Who can join the SSN?

The SSN is open to those who work for or with not-for-profit organisations. We welcome members from the museums and galleries sector, community organisations, national and local government, heritage institutions, performing arts groups, and from the education sector.

How do I join the SSN?

It is free to join the SSN. Sign up here

What resources do you offer?

Sign up to become a Member, to access the following:

  • Free to download resources, including historical timelines and digital assets such as photographs and film
  • Helpful guides to support your work, such as tips for collections management
  • A series of networking events, where you can meet and share ideas
  • Study visits to promote collaboration and professional development

Check out our Twitter feed @IWM_Network, to share news and updates.

How can I find out about SSN events?

SSN events are free of charge and open to our Members, and we will share details via our mailing list, website and Twitter channel.

What is the Wartime Aviation Heritage sub-network?

The War and Conflict SSN is very grateful to receive support from Art Fund, in order to establish a sub-network on the theme of Wartime Aviation Heritage. We will provide a hub for individuals and organisations with aviation-related collections and activity programmes to share good practice and develop specialist knowledge, through innovative collaborative programmes, events and digital resource packs. To join this sub-network, please complete the SSN membership form and select 'Wartime Aviation Heritage' as one of your interests. If you have already joined the SSN and have a question about Wartime Aviation Heritage, please get in touch via partnerships@iwm.org.uk.