Poppies at IWM North

First World War Centenary

November 2018 saw the culmination of almost ten years of activity to commemorate the centenary of the First World War. Across this decade, IWM brought together thousands of organisations and millions of people across the world to remember the lives of those who fought and died in the conflict.

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  • German Concentration Camps Factual Survey Film

    German Concentration Camps Factual Survey (1945/2014) is the British Ministry of Information documentary about German atrocities and the concentration camps. 

  • Group of IWM Youth Advisors from 2015
    IWM London, Youth Advisors

    IWM Youth Advisers

    A unique, enthusiastic group of young people aged 14-19 who worked at Imperial War Museums to inspire the next generation.

  • New Perspectives: Lesser Known Histories of the First World War

    With the New Perspectives project, IWM London challenged young people to take a new perspective on the First World War, inspired by our collections. 

  • Audience at IWM Short Film Festival 2014
    IWM London, Audience at IWM Short Film Festival

    IWM Short Film Festival

    IWM Short Film Festival was a showcase of imaginative and challenging films, inspired by the causes, course and consequences of conflict and its impact on people‚Äôs lives. 

  • Young Reporters

    The Young Reporters project aimed to increase local awareness of IWM London and encourage more museum visits from families in our local community by actively involving young people in the transformation of the museum.

  • Make Film Make History Group shot
    IWM London, Make Film Make History Group

    Make Film, Make History

    Make Film, Make History was an EU funded partnership project in 2016 working with young adults (aged 18-24) from all over the UK, Germany and Denmark.

  • Build the Truce

    Build The Truce was a four year cross-site project, taking the idea of 'truce' as a first step toward resolving conflict.