Build The Truce was a four year cross-site project, taking the idea of 'truce' as a first step toward resolving conflict. It followed the progress and processes of conflict resolution through historic and contemporary case studies.

Build the Truce activity focused on skills development, new and digital media, and provided audiences with access to a range of perspectives. This included:

  • Recording interviews with eyewitnesses to contemporary conflict and its resolution
  • Visitor events, schools sessions and professional development events for educators
  • Online schools campaigns for key anniversaries through Radiowaves School Ltd
  • Supporting young people to meet and record interviews with eyewitnesses
  • Piloting digital and new media audience access
  • Building relationships with a broad range of partners including academic institutions, conflict resolution practitioners and NGOs

Build The Truce piloted and developed activity from 2009-2011 and was awarded an Inspire mark by LOCOG for September 2011-2012. In its final year Build The Truce delivered public programming in the context of the Cultural Olympiad, including:

  • A Truce blog
  • Radiowaves Schools online Truce campaign
  • A Big Picture Show short film at IWM North
  • An audio-visual installation at IWM London
  • Formal/informal events programmes

Elements and ideas developed through the Build the Truce are being used in IWM schools sessions, professional development and public events.