What we are working on

We are working to resolve a major issue which is preventing images and names from being updated and processed correctly. 

We are aware that for some users, the data contributed may appear to be missing or overwritten. This is caused by data being wrongly indexed, and older revisions being published. Newer revisions are however being captured and preserved within our database, and will be published once the error is resolved. 

This problem has taken longer than expected to fix due to the size of our dataset and the number of records affected. Our team has been committed to spotting patterns and fixing as many records as possible. 

We are aware that certain fields are missing, and are working to publish the following data.  

  • Current and previous location data, including addresses
  • Ceremony information including date, purpose and attendance, 
  • Maker information
  • References

Under Investigation

We have identified issues with our search logic and working to build filters which can help users to refine results. 

We are working to identify the problem which is causing units to become wrongly ascribed to name records.