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Memorial type
First World War (1914-1918), Second World War (1939-1945), Falklands Conflict (1982), 20th Century Wars (1900-1999), VC or GC Recipients, Second World War - civilians, Aden Emergency (1963-1967)
  • Unveiled
    Date: 10 November 1923
  • Unveiled
    Date: 23 November 1923
  • Dedicated
    Date: 10 November 1923
    Attended by: Local Clergy/Dignitaries
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Current location

By Metropole Hotel
Central Promenade
Princess Parade

OS Grid Ref: SD 30578 36487
Denomination: Undefined

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Granite obelisk on three-stepped plinth and set of square steps located on the seafront. Each side of the plinth has large bronze reliefs depicting allegories of Victory, Grief and Justice. There are also four smaller reliefs of servicemen. Alongside the main obelisk are two freestanding chest tombs with covers of cast bronze listing the names of the WW1 fallen. They are designed to be read as- South Side tomb, north side from east to west (Panel 1 begins with the 2 VC Winners), then south side from west to east and then North side tomb, north side from east to west, then south side from east to west. Each side has 16 panels so there are 64 names panels in total The WW2 names are on 18 panels below the east face of the cenotaph. There is also a round plaque on the west pillar of the entrance to the cenotaph area from the north poer which gives a brief history of the cenotaph
Front face: IN MEMORY OF / OUR / GLORIOUS DEAD / 1914-1918 / 1939-1945 / Upper step: THEIR NAME LIVETH/ FOR EVERMORE LEST WE FORGET WW2 Names Plaque- Panel 1 Royal Navy/[41 names] Panel 2 Royal Navy/[39 names]/Fleet Air Arm/[2 names] Panel 3 Fleet Air Arm/10 names]/Royal Marines/[5 names]/Royal Armoured Corps/[25 names] Panel 4 Royal Armoured Corps/[6 names]/Royal Artillery/[35 names] Panel 5 Royal Artillery/[42 names] Panel 6 Royal Artillery/[10 names]/Corps of Royal Engineers/[10 names]/Royal Corps of Signals/[7 names]/Grenadier Guards/[6 names]/Coldstream Guards/[5 names] Panel 7 Coldstream Guards/[4 names]/Scots Guards/[name]/Irish Guards/[name]/Welsh Guards/[name]/The Royal Scots/[3 names]/The Kings Royal Regt/[7 names]/The Kings Royal Regt {HG}/[name]/The Kings Regt/[5 names]/The Royal Norfolk Regt/[name]/The Somerset Light Infantry/[name]/The West Yorkshire Regt/[name]/The Green Howards/[4 names] Panel 8 Lancashire Fusiliers/[6 names]/Royal Welch Fusiliers/[name]/South Wales Borderers/[name]/Kings Own Scottish Bor/[2 names]/Cameronians {S Rif}/[name]/East Lancashire Regt/[12 names]/Border Regt[2 names]/South Staffordshire Regt/[3 names]/South Lancashire R/[name]/Welch Regiment/[name]/Essex Regiment/[name] Panel 9 The Loyal Regiment/[12 names]/Northamptonshire R/[name]/The Queens Own RWKR/[name]/The Kings Own YL Inf/[name]/The Kings Shropshire LI/[name]/manchester Regt/[6 names]/Durham Light Infantry[/2 names]/Seaforth Highlanders/[name]/Gordon Highlanders/[4 names]/Royal Ulster Rifles/[name]/Royal Irish Fusiliers/[name] Panel 10 Argyll & Sutherland H/[5 names]/Army Air Corps/[6 names]/Brigade of Gurkhas]/[name]/Royal Army Service Corps/[17 names]/Royal Army Medical Corps/[2 names]/Royal Army Ordnance Corps/[4 names]//REME/[name] Panel 11 REME/[name]/Corps of Military Police/[2 names]/Pioneer Corps/[4 names]/Army Catering Corps/[name]/Terr Army Nursing Service/[name]/Aux Territorial Service/[3 names]/Royal Air Force/[24 names-A to C] Panel 12 Royal Air Force/[42 names-C to H] Panel13 Royal Air Force/[42 names-H to P] Panel 14 Royal Air Force/[42 names-P to Wh] Panel 15 Royal Air Force/[5 names-Wh to Wr]/WAAF/[name]/RCAF/[1 name]/Merchant Navy/[20 names]/Air Transport Auxiliary/[name]/National Fire Service/[name]/Service not known/[4 names] Panel 16 Additional names/Royal Navy/[6 names]/Fleet Air Arm/[2 names]/Royal Artillery/[6 names]/Kings Regiment/[name]/Royal Corps of Signals/[name]/Loyal Regiment/[name]/Royal Ulster Rifles/[name]/Royal Army Service Corps/[name]/Scots Guards/[name]/Royal Air Force/[8 names]/Merchant Navy/[name] Panel 17 Additional Names/Palestine Police/[name]/US Army Air Force/[name]/Royal Artillery/[name]/Royal Air Force/5 names]/Royal Irish Fusiliers/[name]/Royal Navy/[2 names]/Royal Field Artillery/[name]/Royal Engineers/[name]/Royal Artillery/[name]/Flying Officer/[name]/Royal Air Force/[name]/Royal Navy/[name] Panel 18 Modern Day Conflicts/[4 names] WW1 South Side Table Tomb- North Face Panel 1-VC Awards/[2 names]/Royal Navy/[11 names A to G] Panel 2-Royal Navy/[15 names H to W] Panel 3-Royal Horse Guards/[2 names]/9th Lancers/[1 name]/12th Royal Lancers/2 names]/Royal Irish Lancers/[name]/3rd Hussars/[name]/14th Hussars/[name] Panel 4-Duke of Lancasters Own Yeomanry/[2 names]/Warwickshire Yeomanry/[name]/Worcestershire Yeomanry/[name]/Royal Horse Artillery and Royal Field Artillery/[8 names] Panel 5-Royal Horse Artillery and Royal Field Artillery/[16 names C to F] Panel 6-Royal Horse Artillery and Royal Field Artillery/[16 names H to W] Panel 7-Royal Horse Artillery and Royal Field Artillery/[3 names W]/Royal Garrison Artillery/[12 names A to M] Panel 8-Royal Garrison Artillery/[8 names P to W]/Honourable Artillery Company/[name]/Royal Engineers/[5 names A] Panel 9-Royal Engineers/[16 names C to W] Panel 10-Grenadier Guards/[ 6 names]/Coldstream Guards/[6 names] Panel 11-Scots Guards/[6 names]/Irish Guards/[2 names]/East Kent Regiment/[5 names] Panel 12-Royal Warwickshire Regiment/[name]/Kings Own Royal Lancaster Regiment (KORL)/[13 names A to B] Panel 13-KORL/[16 names B to C] Panel 14-KORL/[16 names C] Panel 15-KORL/[16 names C to E] Panel 16-KORL/[16 names E to G] South Face Panel 1-KORL/[15 names G to H] Panel 2-KORL/[16 names H to L] Panel 3-KORL/[16 names L to M] Panel 4-KORL/[16 names N to R] Panel 5-KORL/[16 names R to S] Panel 6-KORL/[16 names S] Panel 7-KORL/[16 names S to W] Panel 8-KORL/[7 names W]/Kings Liverpool Regiment/[8 names-A] Panel 9-Kings Liverpool Regiment/[16 names-A to C] Panel 10-Kings Liverpool Regiment/[16 names-C to E] Panel 11-Kings Liverpool Regiment/[16 names-F to H] Panel 12-Kings Liverpool Regiment/[16 names-H to L] Panel 13-Kings Liverpool Regiment/[16 names-L to P] Panel 14-Kings Liverpool Regiment/[16 names-P to S] Panel 15-Kings Liverpool Regiment/[16 names-S to W] Panel 16-Kings Liverpool Regiment/[12 names-W to Y] WW1 North Side Table Tomb- North Face Panel 1-Northumberland Fusiliers/[8 names]/Royal Fusiliers/[6 names A to M] Panel 2-Royal Fusiliers/[5 names M to S]/Lincolnshire Regiment/[name]/Devonshire Light Infantry/[name]/Suffolk Regiment/[2 names]/West Yorkshire Regiment/[3 names] Panel 3-East Yorkshire Regiment/[2 names]/Leicestershire Regiment/[name]/Royal Irish Rifles/[2 names]/Yorkshire Regiment/[2 names]/Lancashire Fusiliers/[4 names] Panel 4-Lancashire Fusilers/[16 names] Panel 5-Lancashire Fusiliers/[name]/Royal Fusiliers/[4 names]/Cheshire Regiment/[9 names B to S] Panel 6-Cheshire Regiment/[3 names S to W]/Royal Welch Fusiliers/[12 names A to M] Panel 7-Royal Welch Fusiliers/[1 name P]/South Wales Borderers/[3 names]/KOSB/[2 names]/Scottish Rifles/[name]/Gloucestershire Regiment/[name]/Border Regiment/[3 names] Panel 8-Border Regiment/[12 names] Panel 9-East Lancashire Regiment/[15 names B to T] Panel 10-East Lancashire Regiment/[4 names]/East Surrey Regiment/[2 names]/Duke of Cornwalls Yorkshire Light Infantry/[name]/Royal Sussex Regiment/[name]/South Staffordshire Regiment/[2 names] Panel 11-South Lancashire Regiment/[2 names]/Welch Regiment/4 names]/Black Watch/[2 names]/Essex Regiment [1 name] {note to me this seems to be 1 name short} Panel 12-Loyal North Lancashire Regiment/[15 names A to F] Panel 13-Loyal North Lancashire Regiment/[16 names F to P] Panel 14-Loyal North Lancashire Regiment/[10 names R to W]/Royal Berkshire Regiment/[2 names]/Royal West Kent Regt/[name] Panel 15-Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry/[2 names]/Kings Shropshire Light Infantry/[10 names] Panel 16-Middlesex Regiment/[2 names]/Kings Royal Rifles/[3 names]/Manchester Regiment/[8 names A to F] South Face Panel 1-Manchester Regiment/[15 names G to W] Panel 2-Manchester Regiment/[2 names W]/North Staffordshire Regiment/[name]/York & Lancaster Regiment/[2 names]/Durham Light Infantry/[3 names]/Highland Light Infantry/[2 names] Panel 3-Seaforth Highlanders/[2 names]/Gordon Highlanders/[name]/Cameron Highlanders/[name]/Royal Irish Fusiliers/[name]/Royal Munster Fusiliers/[name]/Rifle Brigade/[4 names] Panel 4-Rifle Brigade/[name]/Army Cyclists Corps/[2 names]/Machine Gun Corps/[11 names] Panel 5-Machine Gun Corps/[2 names]/London Regiment/[11 names] Panel 6-Tank Corps/[2 names]/Monmouthshire Regiment/[name]/Herefordshire Regiment/[name]/Royal Army Service Corps/[8 names A to C] Panel 7-Royal Army Service Corps/[16 names D to K] Panel 8-Royal Army Service Corps/[12 names L to W]/Royal Army Medical Corps/[3 names C to G] Panel 9-Royal Army Medical Corps/[8 names H to W]/Royal Army Ordnance Corps/[3 names]/Royal Army Veterinary Corps/[name]/Royal Army Pay Corps/[name] Panel 10-Military Police/[3 names]/Royal Defence Corps/[2 names]/Canadian Expeditionary Force/[8 names B to H] Panel 11-Canadian Expeditionary Force/[8 names L to W]/Labour Corps/[2 names]/Australian & New Zealand Imperial Forces/[3 names A to C] Panel 12-Australian & New Zealand Imperial Forces/[12 names C to W]/Royal Air Force/[3 names B] Panel 13-Royal Air Force/[15 names] Panel 14-Alpine (Italian Regt)/[name]/(regiment not stated)/[9 names]/Staff Nurse/[name] Panel 15-(regiment not stated)/[19 names] Panel 16-(regiment not stated)/[19 names]
Inscription legible?
Names on memorial
Abbott, Kr
Adcock, S
Addison, E
Ainsworth, Je
Aldcroft, W
Alder, Jr
Allday, B
Allen, Jm
Allen, P
Allen, R
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  • First World War (1914-1918)
    Total names on memorial: 909
    Served and returned: 0
    Died: 909
    Exact count: yes
    Information shown: surname,regiment, initials of forenames, decorations
    Order of information: Regiment THEN surname
  • Second World War (1939-1945)
    Total names on memorial: 609
    Served and returned: 0
    Died: 609
    Exact count: yes
    Information shown: surname,regiment, initials of forenames
    Order of information: regiment THEN surname
  • Falklands Conflict (1982)
    Total names on memorial: 1
    Served and returned: 0
    Died: 1
    Exact count: yes
    Information shown: surname, initial of forename, service
    Order of information: Undefined
  • 20th Century Wars (1900-1999)
    Total names on memorial: 3
    Served and returned: 0
    Died: 3
    Exact count: yes
    Information shown: surname,regiment, initials of forenames
    Order of information: Undefined
  • VC or GC Recipients
    Total names on memorial: 2
    Served and returned: 0
    Died: 2
    Exact count: yes
    Information shown: surname, initials of forenames, regiment, decorations, rank
    Order of information: rank
  • Second World War - civilians
    Total names on memorial: 24
    Served and returned: 0
    Died: 24
    Exact count: yes
    Information shown: surname, initials of forenames, service
    Order of information: service THEN surname
  • Aden Emergency (1963-1967)
    Total names on memorial: 1
    Served and returned: 0
    Died: 1
    Exact count: yes
    Information shown: surname, initials of forenames, regiment
    Order of information: Undefined
  • Obelisk
    Measurements: depth 720MM, height c30000MM, width 720MM
    Materials: Granite - Cornish
  • Sculpture
    Measurements: depth 20mm, height 720mm, width 580mm
    Materials: Bronze
  • Plaques / Panels with names
    Measurements: depth 450mm, height 20mm, width 810mm
    Materials: Bronze
  • Plaques / Panels with names
    Measurements: depth 30mm, height 770mm, width 3690mm
    Materials: Bronze
  • Plaque
    Measurements: depth 25mm, height 330mm dia., width 330mm dia.
    Materials: Unknown
  • Base
    Measurements: depth 5360mm, height 120mm, width 5360mm
    Materials: Granite
  • Steps
    Measurements: depth 4200mm, height 120mm, width 4200mm
    Materials: Granite
  • Steps
    Measurements: depth 3320mm, height 120mm, width 3320mm
    Materials: Granite
  • Sculpture
    Measurements: depth 20mm, height 720mm, width 3730mm
    Materials: Bronze
  • Plinth
    Measurements: depth 450mm, height 650mm, width 810mm
    Materials: Granite
Listing information
  • Blackpool War Memorial
  • Grade II*
  • This memorial is protected, and listed on the National Heritage List for England maintained by Historic England. View list entry
  • More about listing and the protection of historic places can be found on the Historic England website
  • Historic England
2008: Major restoration project completed. Including the addition of a further memorial to civilian casualties in matching white Granite and Bronze within the garden setting on the promenade (this part of the memorial is covered by record 59160. In addition, a permanent projection and illumination project has been installed. This initiative uses still photography and moving images which are projected onto the upper 70ft of the memorial with a changing programme each year.
Trust fund/Scholarship
Purpose: Unknown or N/A

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