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Memorial details

Memorial type
First World War (1914-1918)
George Wragge Ltd, Salford (Manufacturer)
  • Dedicated
    Date: Saturday 19th March 1921 at 3p.m
    Attended by: Dedicatory Service: Devotional element by Rev. J. Morley Mills and Address by Rev. J. Shaw. "No special invitations are being issued as it is hoped that this notice and a notice in the local newspapers will be sufficient to reach all interested." (Ref 1)
  • Unveiled
    Date: Saturday 19th March 1921 at 3p.m
    Attended by: Unveiled as part of the Dedicatory Service by Mr. James Edward Ashworth "because of his long superintendency of the school and his deep and continued interest in the young men all through the war." (Ref 1)
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WM Reference
Previous locations
  • Bethlehem Unitarian Church
    BB4 9DU

    OS Grid Ref: SD 83524 22397
    Denomination: Unitarian
An arched aperture containing three stained glass panels with figures dedicated to "Love", "Courage" and "Peace". The names of the fallen are entered in groups of seven on small sheilds at the foot of the figures. The panels are surmounted by a single trefoil light entitled "B" with two quatrefoil lights immediately below entitled "U" and "C". "The Design of the Window is intended to symbolise the moral attitude of those who went forth to the conflict ; the Causes for which they fought; the better world which it was hoped would be possible after victory. In the first Panel is a mother holding a helpless babe in one arm, while with the other she is directing an older child in the path of learning. This is Love caring for the helpless and instructing the young. It was in defence of their mothers, wives and little ones that our men took part in the terrible struggle. It was for home and country and the oppressed of other lands that they gave their lives. This figure will also remind us of how while the war lasted our women endured severe hardships and deep sorrows for Love's sake, illustrating the passage "Love suffereth long and is kind." The Centre Panel contains an emblematical figure of Courage. He hears the call of his country to defend it against the tyrannical demands of an alien military Power. He hears the call of those whom he loves to secure for them the pure relations, the high principles and the liberty without which Love cannot flourish. And in answer to these he conse­crates all his powers to do so noble a service, and goes forward to be " Faithful unto death." It is a strong, noble and dignified figure calculated ever to inspire the youth of our Church to devote their lives to the realisation of the high principles and lofty ideals for which these men fought, and suffered and died. The Third Panel symbolises Peace, offering with grateful mien the palm of victory. By her side comes a young boy signifying The New Era, bearing on his shoulder the Cornucopia full of the fruits which Peace should bring to the generations of the future. He is looking wistfully outwards and onwards towards the gleam of light which is the promise of the better time to come, when "The fruits of righteousness shall be peace." Shields at the foot of each figure bear the names of the fallen. The small windows at the top have worked into them the letters B. U. C. which not only stand for the name of the Church, but also for its principles,—Brotherhood, Unity, Charity. The colours have also their symbolism; there is the light purple of queenly dignity mingled with the darker purple of sorrow, the rich red of sacrifice, the gold of victory, and the bright green of hope, which are dominant in the drapery of the several figures." "The Path of Duty was the way to Glory"
Panel 1 "LOVE"/ "Love suffereth long and is Kind" Panel 2 "PEACE"/ "Faithful unto Death" Panel 3 "COURAGE"/ "The Work of the Righteousness shall be Peace" "Erected in Remembrance of those/ from this Church & School who made/ the Supreme Sacrifice in the Great War"/ (Names)
Inscription legible?
Names on memorial
Ashworth, Fred
Ashworth, John R
Bradley, Fred
Bradley, Ronald
Bridge, Ralph
Crawshaw, William E
Crowther, Wilfred
Davidson, Joseph
Heyes, James
Hitchen, John W
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  • First World War (1914-1918)
    Total names on memorial: 27
    Served and returned: 0
    Died: 27
    Exact count: yes
    Information shown: Forenames, surname
    Order of information: surname
  • Window
    Measurements: Undefined
    Materials: Stained Glass

Comments: 1. "The work was ably executed by Messrs. George Wragg, Ltd. of Salford and London the cost of which was willingly subscribed before the contract was entered into" (Ref 1) 2. "The sum received for this (Memorial) Fund is now a little over £500 and it is thought by the Committee that after receiving the costs of the Concert they may cease making any further appeal for the present" (Ref 2) Source: Bethlehem Unitarian Church calender Number 135 dated March 1920
Memorial: c. £500

Trust fund/Scholarship
Purpose: Unknown or N/A
Details: Bethlehem Unitarian Church

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