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Memorial details

Memorial type
Roll of honour or book of remembrance
Second World War (1939-1945), Korean War (1950-1953)
  • Presented
    Date: March 1949
    Attended by:
Not lost
WM Reference
Current location

Queen Elizabeth High School
Whetstone Bridge Road
NE46 3JB

OS Grid Ref: NY 92556 63954
Denomination: Undefined

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Previous locations
  • Queen Elizabeth Grammar School

    OS Grid Ref: Undefined
    Denomination: Undefined
Book of Remembrance, hand-written in Gothic script, with illuminated pages. The cover bears the school badge in full colour at centre top, with the title blocked in gold Gothic lettering. The dedication pages bear words highlighted in assorted colours. The pages are not numbered The title page carries a design of leaves and a miniature drawing of the school at centre bottom. Pages 4-7 have a crown of glory at the top, below which is a line from Binyon's poem "They shall grow not old . . . " These pages list those who died, with name, home village, date when they were in the school, and the Force in which they served in the war. Pages 8-11 carry details of distinctions won. Pages 12-13 list those who served in the Royal Navy and R.N.V.R. in two columns on each page; similarly Page 14 covers the Fleet Air Arm; Page 16 covers the Merchant Navy; Page 16 the Royal Marines; Pages 17-23 cover the Army; Pages 24-31 cover the R.A.F., R.A.F.V.R. and R.A.F. Regt.; Page 32 covers W.R.N.S.; Page 33 the A.T.S.; Page 34 the W.A.A.F.; Page 35 lists the United Nations Campaign in Korea 1950-53 distinctions, the Army, and R.N. Pages 36 - 39 carry a map showing where the men died including map references; these are actually folded in a pocket at the back of the book.
THE GRAMMAR SCHOOL OF QUEEN ELIZABETH IN HEXHAM/ BOOK OF REMEMBRANCE/ 1939 TO 1945/ IN MEMORY OF THOSE OF THIS SCHOOL WHO FELL IN ACTION AND IN/ GRATITUDE FOR THE EXAMPLE OF ALL THOSE/ MASTERS AND FORMER SCHOOLS WHO, IN/ THE DIRECT HOURS OF BRITAIN'S NEED, AT THE/ CALL OF KING AND COUNTRY, CAME, SOME/ FROM THE DISTANT PARTS OF THE EARTH, AND ENDURED DANGERS AND HARDSHIP;/ SERVING/ MANY WITH SPECIAL DISTINCTION, IN ALL/ BRANCHES OF HIS MAJESTY'S SEA, LAND, AND AIR FORCES AND THE MERCHANT NAVY;/ TAKING PART IN THE TRIUMPHANT BATTLE OF/ BRITAIN AND OPERATIONS UNDERTAKEN/ FROM THE ARCTIC SEAS TO THE JUNGLES OF/ BURMA AND MALAYA, TILL BY THE GRACE OF/ GOD AND IN CONJUNCTION WITH THE ALLIES/ OF THE BRITIAH COMMONWEALTH, VICTORY WAS CONSUMMATED ON THE BANKS OF THE/ RHINE AND IN THE SEAS ABOUT JAPAN./ LET THEIR EXAMPLE BE AN INSPIRATION TO/ ALL WHO FOLLOW HERE AFTER THEM/ SPES DURAT AVORUM Page 1- “They shall grow not old/As we that are left grow old”/[names] Page 2- “Age shall not weary them/nor the years condemn”/[names] Page 3- “At the going down of the sun/And in the morning”/[names] Page 4-“We will remember them”/[names] Pages 5 to 8 (each)- Distinctions/[names] Pages 9 & 10 (each)-Royal Navy (and R.N.V.R.)/[names] Page 11- Fleet Air Arm/[names] Page 12-Royal Marines/[names] Page 13-Merchant Navy/[names] Pages 14 to 20 (each)-Army/[names] Pages 21 to 28 (each)- Royal Air Force/(and R.A.F.V.R. and R.A.F. Regt.)/[names] Page 29-W.R.N.S./[names] Page 30-A.T.S./[names] Page 31-W.A.A.F./[names] Page 32- United Nations Campaign in Korea/1950 - 1953/Distinctions/[name]/Royal Navy/[name]/Army/[name] Pages 33-36 (each; these are duplicates of the names at pages 1 to 4)-Fell at place indicated on Map of the World./[names]
Inscription legible?
  • Second World War (1939-1945)
    Total names on memorial: 597
    Served and returned: 542
    Died: 55
    Exact count: yes
    Information shown: surname, regiment or service,initials of forename,place of birth, decorations
    Order of information: surname for the fallen; service THEN surname for the served
  • Korean War (1950-1953)
    Total names on memorial: 3
    Served and returned: 3
    Died: 0
    Exact count: yes
    Information shown: surname, regiment,initials of forename,place of birth, decorations
    Order of information: Undefined
  • Book
    Measurements: Undefined
    Materials: Leather, Parchment
Listing information
The book was displayed in a purpose-built case in the middle of the left hand wall of the Grammar School Hall at Fellside. It had been affected by damp, having been on a north-facing exterior wall. The book was removed to the new building in Whetstone Bridge Road when the Grammar School moved there in 1965, and then was taken into safe-keeping by Mr. Turner. It was returned to the School in October 1993.
Trust fund/Scholarship
Purpose: Unknown or N/A

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