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Memorial type
Church Fabric / Fitting: Candle holder or candlestick
First World War (1914-1918)
  • Dedicated
    Date: 24 October 1915
    Attended by: Canon Sidney Savage
Not lost
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Current location

In the Sanctuary
Hexham Abbey
Beaumont Street
NE46 3NB

OS Grid Ref: NY 93535 64124
Denomination: Church of England

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A pair of standard enamelled pewter Candlesticks or Sanctuary Lights. The stems are fluted and enamelled blue, with gold knobs up each spine. Inscription is in raised sans serif lettering, coloured gold on a blue background. They are 580mm wide and 1770mm high. 1. "The candlesticks are for beauty and utility. They are symbolical and they are a touching and tender memorial to all those who from Hexham fell in the Great War 1914.” (The rector, Edwin Sidney Savage, M.A.) 2. The designer, Mr Temple Moore, also designed the 1908 nave of the Abbey. 3. "The Sanctuary Lights themselves are exceedingly handsome specimens of the work of the artist craftsman. Tall and stately in appearance, the colour work is rarely beautiful, and they are a fit adornment of one of the noblest sanctuary settings in the country”. “Electroliers or Gasoliers or Candlesticks might be equally symbolical, but candlesticks were more seemly”. 4. “The person who gave me the names gave me 22, but now I have seen a written record and have found that there are 24”. Although there are no names on the candlesticks these are the men who were being commemorated - Capt. Reginald Head, Border Regt. Lieut. Drew Little, 9th D.L.I. Lieut. Frank Taylor Iveson 14th D.L.I. attached to 5th Manchesters Lieut. J.T. Redpath K.O.S.B. Engineer E.T. Baty R.N.R. Arthur Patterson R.M.L.I. William Wilson R.N. William Wilkinson R.N. Pte. J. Thompson 4th N.F. “ George Pearson 4th N.F. “ John Grierson 4th N.F. “ William Donnelly 4th N.F. “ John Robson 4th N.F. “ J. Cunningham 4th N.F. “ George Watson 4th N.F. “ F. Riley 4th N.F. Drummer W. Pearson 4th N.F. Pte. J.W. Banks King’s Royal Rifles Pte. Thomas Pigg 8th N.F. Pte. W. Turnbull Australian Expeditionary Force Pte. William Robinson Australian Expeditionary Force Sapper Ernest Batey Canadian Expeditionary Force Lance Cpl. J. Halliday 2nd Gordon Highlanders Henry King Lockhart R.E. accidentally killed in Luton.
Candlestick 1: To the Glory of God and in grateful memory of our valiant knights who having fought the fight have entered into rest Candlestick 2: Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori 1914-1915 (it is a sweet and noble thing to die for one's country)
Inscription legible?
  • First World War (1914-1918)
    Total names on memorial: 0
    Served and returned: 0
    Died: 0
    Exact count: yes
    Information shown: Undefined
    Order of information: Undefined
  • Candle holder
    Measurements: height 1770mm, width 580mm
    Materials: Pewter
Listing information
Trust fund/Scholarship
Purpose: Unknown or N/A
  • North East War Memorials Project - reference H51.29 - link to website as above.
  • Hexham Courant ; 7 September 2001 has article on Joseph Robinson
  • Canon Sidney Savage (1862-1947): Cleric and Man of Action; David Jennings; 2007; Hexham Local History Society Occasional Publication No.8;
  • Hexham Courant, 10 October 1915
  • Hexham Parish Magazine, March 1915, Nov. 1915
  • Abbey Chronicle March 1974 (which also states that no faculty was obtained)

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