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Memorial details

Memorial type
Derbyshire Dales
Old Matlock
First World War (1914-1918), Second World War (1939-1945), Northern Ireland Conflict; The Troubles (1969-1998)
Not lost
WM Reference
Current location

Access from St Giles Churchyard or by foot from the riverside walk.
St Giles Church
Church Street
Old Matlock
Derbyshire Dales

OS Grid Ref: SK 29856 59780
Denomination: Undefined

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An ashlar sandstone obelisk on a two stepped base and surmounted by a wheel formy cross. Chamfered recesses around the base of the obelisk contain bronze First World War plaques. Bronze Second World War and Northern Ireland plaques are attached to the obelisk surface below the First World War plaques. Inscription cast in upright capital block lettering. Small cubical limestone vase added to bottom step later.
6 o'clock face WW1 plaque: 1914-1919/ IN GRATEFUL AND LOVING/ REMEMBRANCE/ OF OUR MEN/ WHO GAVE THEIR LIVES/ FOR/ HONOUR AND FREEDOM./ "HE LIVES IN FAME/ THAT DIED IN VIRTUE'S CAUSE." 9 o'clock face WW1 plaque: (Names) 12 o'clock face WW1 plaque: (Names) 3 o'clock face WW1 plaque: (Names) 6 o'clock face WW2 plaque: 1939-1945/ "WE WILL REMEMBER THEM" 9 o'clock face WW2 plaque: (Names) 12 o'clock face WW2 plaque: (Names) 3 o'clock face WW2 plaque: (Names) 6 o'clock face Northern Ireland plaque: (Name)/ NORTHERN IRELAND Vase: GIVEN BY/ MATLOCK/ CIVIC/ ASSOCIATION/ 1998
Inscription legible?
Names on memorial
Allen, E
Allen, J T
Allen, T
Allen, Wa
Allen, Wm
Allsopp, C T P
Allsopp, T
Allwood, J T
Andrews, G E
Andrews, H H
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  • First World War (1914-1918)
    Total names on memorial: 178
    Served and returned: 0
    Died: 178
    Exact count: yes
    Information shown: Surname.
    Order of information: Surname.
  • Second World War (1939-1945)
    Total names on memorial: 47
    Served and returned: 0
    Died: 47
    Exact count: yes
    Information shown: Surname.
    Order of information: Undefined
  • Northern Ireland Conflict; The Troubles (1969-1998)
    Total names on memorial: 1
    Served and returned: 0
    Died: 1
    Exact count: yes
    Information shown: Surname.
    Order of information: Undefined
  • Cross
    Measurements: depth c 400mm, height cc 1500mm, width c 1400mm
    Materials: Stone - Sandstone
  • Obelisk
    Measurements: depth 1800mm, height c 6000mm, width 1800mm
    Materials: Stone - Sandstone
  • Base
    Measurements: depth 3050mm, height 550mm, width 3050mm
    Materials: Stone - Sandstone
  • Plaques
    Measurements: height 980mm, width 920mm
    Materials: Bronze
  • Plaque
    Measurements: height 80mm, width 190mm
    Materials: Bronze
  • Vase
    Measurements: depth 180mm, height 180mm, width 180mm
    Materials: Stone - Limestone
Listing information
  • Grade II
  • This memorial is protected, and listed on the National Heritage List for England maintained by Historic England. View list entry
  • More about listing and the protection of historic places can be found on the Historic England website
  • Historic England

Site: £350 in 1920
Comments: A large area of land including Pic Tor rocks and a riverside promenade were acquired by Matlock Urban District Council from Mr F C Arkwright, Vice Lord Lieutenant of Derbyshire, for the nominal sum of £350.

Trust fund/Scholarship
Purpose: Unknown or N/A

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