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Memorial details

Memorial type
Board / Plaque / Tablet
City Of London
City of London
Greater London
First World War (1914-1918)
  • Unveiled
    Date: 11 May 1921
Not lost
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Current location

Non-public space
Crown Group
Gibson Hall
City of London
City Of London
Greater London

OS Grid Ref: TQ 33054 81281
Denomination: Undefined

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Inscription legible?
Names on memorial
Adamson, R W
Ainger, H
Allen, W F
Angus, N M
Annaheim, G H
Anthony, W R
Applewhite, W E
Appleyard, H L
Archard, H D
Arnott, H W
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  • First World War (1914-1918)
    Total names on memorial: 440
    Served and returned: 0
    Died: 440
    Exact count: yes
    Information shown: surname,forename,additional,decorations
    Order of information: surname,forename
  • Architectural details
    Measurements: Undefined
    Materials: Marble
  • Tablets
    Measurements: height 6'
    Materials: Alabaster
  • Column
    Measurements: Undefined
    Materials: Marble
Listing information
Former head office of National Provincial Bank, which later became NatWest.
Trust fund/Scholarship
Purpose: Unknown or N/A
  • TRANSCRIPTION OF NAMES LIST- Robert W Adamson; Harry Ainger; William F Allen; Norman M Angus; George H Annaheim Mentioned in despatches; William R Anthony; William E Applewhite; Harry L Appleyard; Hugh D Archard; Harrison W Arnott; Edward J Austen; Hugh G Bailey; Frank Bakel; George S C Baker; Harold G Baker M C and Bar; Vernon S Baker; John V E Balbirrie; Oliver H Ball; Richard A Ball; Percy R Baly; Harry L Bambridge MC; Wilfrid Barber; Norman H Barnett; Alan W Batchelor; Thomas F Batterbury; Ronald H Baugust; Arthur W Bayliss; Robert G Beer; Arthur T Besley; Edwin G Bettington; John Birch; Leslie V Bittles; Sidney Blagg; Charles S Bland; Thomas R Bland; Andrew Boa; Edward B Board; John W Bocking Croix de Guerre; Wallace Bolton; Wilfrid E Booth; Harold Y Bown; Harry H Boyne; Arthur Braithwaite; Harold Brearley; Charles H Bridge; Norman H Bright; Tom Bristow; James F Brodrick-English; Eric Bruce; Wilfrid C Bruton; Charles L Burch; Frank E Burt Chevalier de L'Ordre de la Couronne and Croix de Guerre de Belge; Richard J Butler; Samuel L Buxton; Cyril R J Campbell; Donald W Capper; Stormont H Card; Reginald C Carr; Norman R W Carruthers; Frederick M B Case; William C Catherall; Ronald N Caws MC; George D Chalton; Edwin Chapman; John F Cheesewright; Douglas Chester; Stanley C Cheverton; Thomas B Cheverton; Reginald B C Chopping; Hender Clarke; John M Clark Mentioned in despatches; Robert B Clegg; William H Clement; Bertram N Coates; George H Cockayne; John E P Cockey; Richard P Cockle; Arthur R Cole; George E Collins; Eric H Comber-Taylor; William H G Compton; Charles W Conolly; Harold C Conyers; James A Cooke; George S Cooper; William B Copp; Frederick C Corley; Leslie Couldridge; Wilfred J Cove; Alexander Cowley; Gerald P Cronin; Sidney Cross; Harry Croudace M M; Norman Crowther; Aylett C Cushen; John Cutcliffe; James A Dadswell; Albert G Davies M C; Clifford T Davies; David R Davies; Ewan W Davies; Harry H Davies; Leslie J G Davis; Douglas K Day; Harold J De Cann; William D Densham; Clement P Dix; William S Dixon; Douglas G Dodds; Malcolm Douglas Mentioned in despatches; Harold E Dyson; John S Ebbutt; Bernard R Edgar; Gwynne R Edmunds; Arthur J Edwards; David J Edwards; John H Edwards; John V Elderkin; Norman Elliot; Hubert V Ellis; Harold S Elphick; Jabez G Elvidge; Alfred C English M V O; John B Errington; Cecil V Erwood; David W Evans MM; Frederick G Evans; Lewis A Evans; Douglas T Farrier; Herbert S Farrow; Sidney W Featherstone; William A Feiling; John S Firth; Leopold W H Fisher; Herbert J Fletcher; Harold G Fluck; Alec Forbes Mentioned in despatches; William G Forbes M C; Clarence J Ford; Sidney J Forfar; Douglas A Fowler; John G Frampton; Vere Francis; Robert D Fraser; David G Frater M C; Montague S Furness; Newton E Gammon; Douglas L Gates; Laurence J L Gaul; Wilfred St Martin Gibbon; Ronald H Goldsbrough; Gerald P Goldstraw; Walter M Goodrich; Charles L Gover; Charles E G Grainger; Hugh S Grand Mentioned in despatches; Disney F Grant; Frank S Gray; Alan Greathead; Frank Green; Percy Green; Reginald U Green; Bernard Grigg; William J Haggart; Eric F Hair; Benjamin Haizelden; Alfred Hall; James T Hall; Frederick J Hallamore; Wilfrid S Hamlyn; James H Hardess; William E Harris; George C Harrison; John W Harrison; Ronald Harrison; William Harrison; Geoffrey C Harryman; William T C Hart; Frederick Haswell; Kirk Hearder; Paul L Heath; Benjamin C E Herbert; John H Hewett; Arthur J Hickman; Frederick B Hicks; Alexander S Hill; Wallace L Hillier; Frederic G Hindle; Walter V C Hiscox; William R G Holland M C; Charles C Holtom; William B Holwill; John I Hopwood MM; Marcus Hopwood; Francis Hornby; John A Horne; Bertram W Hougham MC; Gilbert G Howard; William Howard; Jack Hunter; Charles S Hyde; Edward J Innocent; William G James; David L Jenkins; Hylton R Jolliffe; Arthur S Jones; Arthur W Jones; Cyril G Jones; Ernest G Jones; Edgar W Jones; Gerrald A D Jones; Griffith V Jones; Herbert O Jones; Ivor J Jones; John Jones; John H Jones; John H E Jones; John M Jones; Richard A Jones; Roger L Jones; Roger T Jones; Stephen H Jones; William A L Jones; William B Jones; William H Jones; Ivor N Jones-Parry; Frederick O Joseland; Thomas B Joyce; Robert M Kay; David L Kiddle; Charles W W King; Victor R King; Marcus A Koch; Geoffrey W Lake; John R Lambdin M C ; Alexander Landsborough; Arthur Y Latreille; George F Law; Stuart Lawrence; Tracy E Lefroy Mentioned in despatches; Leslie P Leppard; Robert Levitt; Percy V Lewin; Charles Lewis; John G Lewis; Llewelyn Lewis; Nevill G N H Lewis; Tom R Lewis; Howard W Little Mentioned in despatches; Joseph H Little; Alfred E Luton; Arthur S Lyon; Alfred H MacGregor; George R McDowall; Donald W McGregor; Frederick C McKellar; Ralph E Maddock; Reginald H Male; Fred H Manaton; George Mann; James Marr; Charles E Marshall; Geoffrey W W Marshall; Percy I Marston; Charles E Martin; William W Martin; Donald Marvin; Robert Marvin; Cecil S Mason; Ralph Massey; Leslie E F Matthews; Donald L Mayer; Herbert F Metson; Arthur C Michelsen; Harold C R Millward; John A Milne; Michael V Molloy; Eric A Montesole; Edgar Moore; George A Moore; John I Morgan; Sidney H Morgan; William H Morgan; Allan D Morris; Robert J Morris; Robert C Muirhead; Cecil D Musgrave; Norman Nesbitt; Raymond C Newton; Thomas R Nicholls; George E H Ninnis; Arthur E Norton; Arthur Nunnerley; William E Osborne; Herbert E M Owen; John C Owen; Norman H Owen; Robert Owen; Edward T Parker; Allen G Parkhouse; Thomas G Parkin; Edgar A Parnell; Charles Parrish; Gerald A Paxton; Donald A Payne; David R Peacock; Gerald E Pearse; Frederick P Pearson; Percy N Peebles; Alfred T Penketh; Robert C Penketh; William Percival; Arthur B Phillips; Richard G Phillips; Reginald G Pickard; Selwyn H Pike; Oswald C Plowman; Harold Polkinghorne; Cecil E Pond; Armand R Poole; Charles W Prettejohn; David L Price; Arthur C Purnell; Thomas L Purnell; Cyril C G Ravine; William F Read; Alec J Reed; Vivian G Rees; Ernest W Reeve M C; Anarawd Rhydwen; Stanley E Richards; Thomas E Richards; Henry S Rigg; John A Rhodes; Griffith E Roberts; Harry Roberts; Percy Roberts; Sydney Roberts; William H Roberts; James R A Robertson; Arthur O Robinson; Douglas E Robinson; Reginald P Robinson; Charles A Roffey; William G Roles; Thomas H Roper; Reginald Rouse; William Rowan; Henry Russell; Gerald Sabine; William Samuels; Sidney C Sanderson; Ronald J Saville; Maurice J B Scarborough; Louis H Schurer; Nicholas Scorer; Thomas G Seccombe; Harry D Seymour; Jack R Sharp; Henry N Sharpe; Charles A Shaw; Thomas A Shillito; Francis W Shuttleworth; Heber H Sims; Alfred E Slack; Charles H Smith; Harold Smith; James H Smith; William E Smith; George B Sollory; Edward H Southcomb; Harold A A Spring; Ralph T Stevenson; Frank R Stonnill; Frederick G Sweet; Ernest A Syratt; George Tall; Basil W Taylor; Ernest A I Taylor; Wilfred J Taylor; Alfred R Thomas; Heber Thomas; John Thomas; Arthur H Thompson ; Charles M Thompson; William G S Thorman; Oscar R Titherley; Herbert J Townson; James H B Tristram; Gerald H Tuft; Cecil G Turner; Herbert B W Twizell; Cecil L Tyerman; George S Uren; Alfred Utley; Francis C Uzzell; Thomas E Vawser; Leonard P Vernon M C; Reginald V Vigar; Herbert Wade M C; Sidney J Walker; Edward C Ward; Frederick R F Warren; Frank W Warmsley; Frank N Waterhouse; Norman C Watkins; Thomas V W Watkins; James L Watson; Lawrence Watson; John H Watts; Albert F Weeks; Norman A Wells; Thomas Westby M C; Donald G Whatmoor; Frederick P Whicker; Cyril W White; Richard J White; Stanley H White; Eric F Whitlock; Thomas Whitty; Arthur G Wicks; Thomas Wilding; James R R Wiles; Arthur H Williams; Bleddyn Williams; Bryn G Williams; Frederick Williams; Idris C Williams; John N Williams; Thomas R Williams; William J M Williams; Robert P Wilson; Mark G Windsor; Stanley N Witting; Thomas N Witting; Philip Wolsey; Frank Wood; Herbert T Wood; William B Wood; Rawdon M Young;

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