How to find a memorial

  1. Start your search with a broad search for a keyword  
  2. Narrow your search results by then using the filters supplied.  
  3. In your search results, click on a record to open it and see whether it matches the information you are looking for 


  • To view all memorials in the War Memorial Register, leave the search bar empty
  • Change how broad your search is. If your results don't seem relevant enough, use the filters to refine your search.  

What to do if you can't find a memorial

The War Memorials Register is unfinished there are lots of gaps in the information available.

If you’ve followed our advice and still been unable to find information on the topic you’re looking for, there’s a good chance no one has contributed information about it yet.

Please get in touch to send us information or photographs about your local war memorials.

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