IWM's War Memorials Register is a place where knowledge and photographs can be shared for the benefit of all. It is also a collaborative project, reliant on volunteers and members of the public to help it grow, expand, and improve. 

We also invite members of the public to share more information about their local war memorials. Every contribution helps us to create a comprehensive record of sacrifice and commemoration in the UK. 

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Help using IWM's War Memorials Register

Find information about the records in the War Memorials Register, along with how to browse and search the records we have already using the links below.


  • About the War Memorials Register

    Find out more about what is recorded in IWM's War Memorials Register

  • Searching for a Memorial

    Read our guide on how to use our simple but powerful memorial search, to start exploring the War Memorials Register.

  • Searching for a name

    Read our advice on how to use our search to find names listed on war memorials across the UK.

Researching and caring for war memorials

  • Researching war memorials

    Find resources to help research the history and creation of a war memorial, and learn more about what they commemorate.

  • Researching names on war memorials

    There are many different ways to find out more about people named on memorials. IWM's family history guides can help you start your research journey, explain what records you will need, and where you can find them.

  • Cleaning, repair and ownership of war memorials

    You should not carry out work on a war memorial without agreement from its owner or custodian. War Memorials Trustworks to protect and conserve war memorials in the UK and provides resources which can help you take the appropriate steps to address any problems.

Further resources

The following organisations are also involved in the recording, conservation and listing of war memorials, or can provide funding for projects with these aims. You can find more resources on their websites.