Bookings are now open for School visits up to July 2024. 

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IWM is one of the venues available to visit through Hyundai's new ground-breaking programme The Great British School Trip, which offers a selection of free school trips and travel bursaries to reduce costs for schools, helping 25,000 young people access inspirational school trips. If you need support for your school trip to IWM in 2023, click here to find out more.


School Visits to one of our branches

IWM London Exterior shot
IWM London

School visits to IWM London

Discover the stories of lives shaped by war and conflict from 1914 until the present day. Step into the iconic atrium, explore the brand new Second World War Galleries and experience our new learning facilities.

IWM North landscape view
IWM North

School visits to IWM North

Purpose-built to tell the powerful stories of over a century of war, IWM North makes full use of its extraordinary exhibition space to deliver an award-winning immersive experience.

IWM Duxford Showcase
IWM Duxford

School visits to IWM Duxford

Walk through the same hangars and buildings as those who served at RAF Duxford. See aircraft take to the skies from the airfield that Spitfires first flew. And get up close to over a century of aviation with hundreds of aircraft and objects on display.

Churchill War Rooms - interior image
Churchill War Rooms

School visits to Churchill War Rooms

Discover the secrets hidden beneath the streets of Westminster in the underground nerve centre where Winston Churchill and his inner circle directed the Second World War.

HMS Belfast on the Thames
HMS Belfast

School visits to HMS Belfast

Explore all nine decks of HMS Belfast to discover what life was like on board for the crew at war and at sea. The most significant surviving Second World War Royal Navy warship. A visit to HMS Belfast may support studies of the Second World War, Arctic Convoys, Korean War or the River Thames.

Teachers mingling at a CPD event

Teacher Events

This is our hub for teachers and education professionals where we will keep you up-to-date with the latest events and CPD days we are running. 

Book Now for Documentary Challenge!

Give your pupils the opportunity to put their source analysis and evaluation skills into action whilst working as a team to produce mini documentaries about the personal stories and histories behind the objects in IWM’s collections. Documentary Challenge can be booked for upper Key Stage 2 - Key Stage 3 and is available at IWM North, IWM Duxford and IWM London and can be used to complement studies of conflict from the First World War to the present day.

A Key Stage 3 school group taking part in a Documentary Challenge session at IWM London

Hi, it's Reena. All around you, you've got objects, texts, videos, loads of sources. Everything around you has something to say about a conflict. All this is from the past, so you're gonna have to work extra hard to tell us why we should care about it today. Now it's time to find your story.

You're gonna have to choose one thing in the gallery to start with that you think you can say something interesting about. Why does the story that you want to tell matter. What can you tell your viewers about life back then. Try to find something from another perspective. Think about whether there are any similar things happening in the world today. Tell us why you care and why you think our viewers should care.

Good luck.

  • IWM North viewed from Salford Quays

    Documentary Challenge at IWM North

    Available for upper KS2 and KS3, weekdays at 11am and 1pm.

  • View from the upper floor across the exhibits in AirSpace

    Documentary Challenge at IWM Duxford

    Available for upper KS2 and KS3 studying the Second World War, weekdays at 10:15am, 11.30am, 1:00pm.

  • Photograph of the Atrium at IWM London
    © Morris Brodie

    Documentary Challenge at IWM London

    Available for upper KS2 and KS3 , weekdays at 10.30am, 11.30am and 1pm

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A Balloon Site, Coventry
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An interwar Earl Haig Fund 'Remembrance Day' poppy
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