Shoes on display in the Holocaust Exhibition
Shoes taken from concentration camp prisoners © IWM
Suitability KS3, KS4
Subjects Citizenship, History
Topics Holocaust, Second World War
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Booking Information

Monday to Thursday, 10.20am, 11.50am & 13.30pm
150 minutes
30 students
£70 (£75 from January 2020)

About this session

Through discussion and reflection students will prepare to visit The Holocaust Exhibition. Students are also given an audio guide to navigate their way through a chronological narrative of the Holocaust and deepen their understanding of events in Nazi-occupied Europe and beyond. Afterwards students will have the opportunity to reflect on the exhibition during a feedback discussion.

Exhibition Notice

IWM London is transforming. As part of our work to create new Holocaust Galleries we are carrying out important conservation which means you will be unable to view the train carriage in the current Holocaust Exhibition. Our new Galleries open in 2021.

Learning Objectives

  • Use a range of evidence to reflect upon events of the Holocaust.
  • Developing historical understanding of the Holocaust through group discussion focusing on themes such as historical significance, responsibility and survival.
  • Deepen chronological understanding of the Holocaust.
  • Sharing personal responses to The Holocaust Exhibition.

National Curriculum Links

  • Key Stage 3 History: Challenges for Britain, Europe and the wider world 1901 to the present day
  • Key Stage 4 Edexcel: Modern Depth Study: Weimar and Nazi Germany, 1918–1939 (Life in Nazi Germany 1933-1939)
  • Key Stage 4 OCR: Non-British Depth Study: Germany 1925–1955: The People and the State

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