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IWM INS 4150

Suitability: KS3 (Year 9) - Post 16
Branch: IWM London
Duration: 150 minutes 
Cost: £70 per group of 30
Available: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday (Term times only)

Bookings  between January – July 2018 are now open.
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Session Outline

Through discussion and reflection students will prepare to visit The Holocaust Exhibition. Students are also given an audio guide to navigate their way through a chronological narrative of the Holocaust and deepen their understanding of events in Nazi-occupied Europe and beyond. Afterwards students will have the opportunity to reflect on the exhibition during a feedback discussion.

Learning Objectives

  • Using of a range of evidence to reflect upon events of the Holocaust.
  • Developing historical understanding of the Holocaust through group discussion focusing on themes such as historical significance, responsibility and survival.
  • Deepen chronological understanding of the Holocaust.
  • Sharing personal responses to The Holocaust Exhibition .

Curriculum Links

  • KS3 History: Challenges for Britain, Europe and the wider World 1901 to the present day.
  • KS4 History: British and the wider world depth studies.

How To Make A Booking

  1. Fill out the Schools Visit Request Form
  2. You will receive a response within ten working days
  3. Please don't make travel arrangements until you have received a confirmation email with your Visit Confirmation Letter attached
  4. Read the booking Terms and Conditions

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