Explore displays on First and Second World War themes such as the Blitz, evacuation, life on the home front, rationing and trench warfare. Studies of the inter-war period and modern conflict as well as cross-curricular subjects can also be enriched by a visit.

Visit Details

  • Suitable for: Ages 7+ (Key stage 2 and above)
  • Accessibility:  IWM North is fully accessible to visitors.  For more information see Accessibility
  • Duration:  An average school visit is approximately 3 hours
  • Cost: A visit to IWM North is free

What to see

  • Main Exhibition Space – Trace the history of conflict from 1914 to the present day by following the Timeline
  • Discover more about key themes, such as women in wartime, the Empire and the legacy of war
  • Big Picture Show – A 360° audio-visual experience in the Main Exhibition Space. The shows cover a range of subjects, including rationing, remembrance and life on the home front during the Second World War.  Take a look at our Big Picture Show times
  • Special Exhibition Gallery and WaterWay – These exhibitions change regularly

For further information visit our What to See pages.

What do we offer to booked groups and schools?

Planning your visit

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