Pupils visit IWM London

A visit to IWM London may support studies of war and conflict from 1914 until the present day.

  • Suitable for: Ages 7+ (Key stage 2 and above)
  • Accessibility:  IWM London is fully accessible to visitors.  For more information see Accessibility
  • Duration:  An average school visit is approximately 2-4hours
  • Cost: Entry to IWM London is free.
  • Request a visit

What to see

Please select the relevant galleries on the visit request form. Based on your choices and your arrival/departure times we will organise a visit for you, including a timeslot in a selection of relevant galleries and time in the picnic room.

For further information visit our What's on pages.

To facilitate the development of IWM’s ground-breaking new Second World War and The Holocaust Galleries, which will be opening in 2021, the Secret War and Family in Wartime galleries at IWM London have closed permanently. Please contact customer services if you have any questions.

What do we offer to booked groups and schools?

  • A room for lunch (subject to availability)

Planning your visit