IWM Duxford aerial shot
IWM, IWM Duxford

Explore the former RAF fighter station that was used during both the First and Second World Wars. IWM Duxford is home to an impressive collection of over two hundred aircraft as well as tanks, military vehicles and maritime craft.

  • Suitable for: Ages 7+ (Key stage 2 and above)
  • Accessibility: Most of IWM Duxford is accessible to visitors– for more information see Accessibility
  • Duration: An average school visit is approximately 3-4 hours
  • Cost: please see tickets and prices pages for Schools and Groups

What to see

As part of your visit you can explore:

  • AirSpace - Highlights changes in design, technology and materials in aircraft construction and has a good selection of First and Second World War aeroplanes, post war jets, civilian aircraft and other forms of transport
  • Hangar 4 - See exhibitions linked to the air defence of Britain from the First World War to the Cold War.  Find out about the Battle of Britain in particular and see the 1940 Operations Room
  • Land Warfare - Find out about D-Day and the Normandy Landings and see the Royal Anglian Regiment Museum. A great place for looking at mechanisms and transport
  • American Air Museum  – our newly opened American Air Museum is a great place to support learning on Superpower Relations and Cold War, including Vietnam. The collection is also fantastic for those studying STEM subjects.

For further information visit our What to See pages.

What do we offer to booked groups and schools?

  • Free coach parking
  • A room for lunch (subject to availability)
  • Activity trails

Planning your visit

Request a visit

Inside the American Air Museum
IWM Duxford
Adult and Military Groups
Introductory tours and outreach talks are offered subject to availability.
De Havilland Sea Vixen
IWM Duxford
Youth Groups
Youth groups can book a self-guided site visit to IWM Duxford.
IWM Duxford Showcase
IWM Duxford
School visits to IWM Duxford
Walk through the same hangars and buildings as those who served at RAF Duxford. See aircraft take to the skies from the airfield that Spitfires first flew. And get up close to over a century of aviation with hundreds of aircraft and objects on display. Bookings are now open for school groups to visit IWM Duxford until December 2020. Please note that learning sessions are currently only available until July 2020. Please remember that all UK and overseas schools must book in advance.