Students visiting The Holocaust exhibition at IWM London
Suitability Age 13-14 (KS3), Age 14-16 (KS4), Age 16-18 (A Level)
Subjects Citizenship, History
Topics Holocaust
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Wednesday - Friday from 3 November 2021
30 Students

About this session

Why do we study the Holocaust? Why and how did it happen?

IWM's Holocaust learning session will introduce these questions and support students' enquiry through our new Holocaust galleries.

Students will use innovative digital technology, have facilitated discussion with IWM experts, and interact with museum objects and stories to learn about this difficult history. The session will sensitively provide an opportunity for students to develop their knowledge and understanding about the causes, course and consequences of the Holocaust. They will reflect individually, discuss as a group and find their own answers to key questions about the Holocaust. Teachers will receive bespoke tools to support teaching this challenging history before and after their visit.

Designed by creative agency, Friday Sundae Studio with Olivier award-winning playwright Stef Smith.

Learning Objectives

This new Holocaust learning programme will:

  • Provide a positive and transformational museum experience
  • Prepare students to confidently enter into conversations about the causes, course and consequences of the Holocaust 
  • Develop a deeper knowledge and understanding about the causes, course and consequences of the Holocaust and its relationship with the Second World War
  • Develop critical thinking skills about the Holocaust, its impact at the time, and its legacy and significance today  
  • Provide the opportunity for existing preconceptions and misconceptions to be challenged in a safe environment 
  • Prepare students to be sensitised to injustice, to develop their consciousness of being a global citizen and empowerment to contribute to social change

National Curriculum Links

  • Key Stage 3 History: Challenges for Britain, Europe and the wider world 1901 to the present day
  • Key Stage 4 Edexcel: Modern Depth Study: Weimar and Nazi Germany, 1918–1939 (Life in Nazi Germany 1933-1939)
  • Key Stage 4 OCR: Non-British Depth Study: Germany 1925–1955: The People and the State