Interactive Session

Created by digital theatre-makers Non Zero One
Commissioned by Imperial War Museums

Suitability: Year 9 - Year 11 (upper KS3 and KS4), SEN students working at KS3 or above
Branch: IWM Duxford
Gallery: American Air Museum
Duration: 90 minutes
Cost: £100 per group (suggested min 12 – max 30)

Bookings between September 2018 – December 2019 are now open.

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Session Outline

This interactive session asks students to use historical enquiry skills to make a mini-documentary to question, consider, debate and evaluate sources.

‘An incredible way for students to learn. The opportunity to explore, be creative, make choices, voice their thoughts and do so with the rigidness of having to know an examiners mark scheme. Teachers crave being able to support students in learning this way. A wonderful experience!’ – Key Stage 3 Teacher

‘A thoroughly 21st century learning event which genuinely helps to develop historical and deeper understanding of the past.’ – Key Stage 3 Teacher

Which stories are too important to be kept inside the museum? What deserves more attention from the wider world? Who is telling the story and why?

Students will receive their brief from professional documentary filmmakers at SMASH TV. They then have 45 minutes to create documentaries to reveal hidden stories, create narratives, and convey their argument.

This innovative programme allows active exploration of curriculum subjects in relation to real historic artefacts within the museum.

This activity will take place in the American Air Museum where there are opportunities to explore the Second World War, the Cold War and contemporary conflicts.

Learning Objectives

  • Use primary sources as evidence to construct, illustrate and present an argument
  • Develop communication and presentation skills through filmmaking
  • Deepen understanding about the impact of conflict on people’s lives in the past and relevance to society today.

How To Make A Booking

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  3. Please don't make travel arrangements until you have received a confirmation email with your Visit Confirmation Letter attached
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  5. Read Teachers Notes for Documentary Challenge: Cold War   

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Created by digital theatre-makers Non Zero One | Commissioned by Imperial War Museums