• Reproduction of a house in the 1940s
    The 1940s House
    IWM historian Terry Charman takes us on a tour of the 1940s house. The house is a reproduction of the home in which the Hymers family lived during the making of the Channel 4 series 1940s House (2001). The replica house was on display at IWM London until 2011.
  • Ida Rubenstein
    The Way We Lived: Exploring Jewish life and culture
    This resource provides essential context for study of the Holocaust. It highlights the diversity of Jewish life and culture before the Second World War and explores roots of antisemitism.
  • Battle of Pilckem Ridge. Stretcher bearers struggle in mud up to their knees to carry a wounded man to safety near Boesinghe, 1 August 1917.
    © IWM (Q 5935)
    The Western Front
    Use these sources to learn about key battles and who fought on the The Western Front.
  • Poster for IWM's learning content Adventures in History: The World's Best Den
    The World’s Best Den
    Why were air raid shelters needed in the Second World War? Join IWM expert Ngaire as she tells real life stories of how people passed the time—whether they sheltered in their back garden or in underground tunnels.  
  • Adventures in History: Trench Tales - Part One
    Trench Tales - Part One
    Join IWM expert Ngaire this week as she helps us reveal fascinating personal stories from the First World War, from the trenches to the home front.   
  • Adventures in History: Trench Tales - Part Two graphic
    Trench Tales - Part Two
    Discover the story of the nine year old with a plan, a soldier who shared his experiences with his parents and a young woman who was proud to do her bit for the war effort. 
  • Adventures in History: VE Day: Parties in the Street graphic
    VE Day- Parties in the Street
    Join IWM expert Vikki as she shares real life stories of celebration and revelry in the wake of the VE Day announcement of 1945
  • Closing Up: A Bombing Formation of British Biplanes (DH9a s) Closing Up to Beat Off an Enemy Formation of Fokker Triplanes by Horace Davis
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    What impact did the First World War have on aircraft and aerial warfare?
    Use these sources to explore the impact of the First World War on aircraft and aerial warfare.
  • Troops of 9th Canadian Infantry Brigade disembarking with bicycles onto Juno Beach
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    What was D-Day?
    What were the circumstances that prompted D-Day?