• Adventures in History: Trench Tales - Part One
    Trench Tales - Part One
    Join IWM expert Ngaire this week as she helps us reveal fascinating personal stories from the First World War, from the trenches to the home front.   
  • Adventures in History: Trench Tales - Part Two graphic
    Trench Tales - Part Two
    Discover the story of the nine year old with a plan, a soldier who shared his experiences with his parents and a young woman who was proud to do her bit for the war effort. 
  • Adventures in History: VE Day: Parties in the Street graphic
    VE Day- Parties in the Street
    Join IWM expert Vikki as she shares real life stories of celebration and revelry in the wake of the VE Day announcement of 1945
  • Closing Up: A Bombing Formation of British Biplanes (DH9a s) Closing Up to Beat Off an Enemy Formation of Fokker Triplanes by Horace Davis
    © IWM (Art.IWM ART 3071)
    What impact did the First World War have on aircraft and aerial warfare?
    Use these sources to explore the impact of the First World War on aircraft and aerial warfare.
  • Troops of 9th Canadian Infantry Brigade disembarking with bicycles onto Juno Beach
    © IWM (A 23938)
    What was D-Day?
    What were the circumstances that prompted D-Day?