• Remembrance
  • Ages 7 to 9 (KS2)
  • Age 9 to 11 (KS2)

Created in partnership with BBC Bitesize

These resources made by IWM Learning experts in partnership with BBC Bitesize are designed to help students investigate their own local history, using the focus of war memorials.

Watch a History Detective training video and learn how to follow the key DETECT steps by exploring some case studies. Then use the steps to investigate your own local war memorials.

Once trained, these steps can be used again by students as part of the curriculum for any other Local History Study. 

View these free resources on the BBC Bitesize website.

Your students can even get involved by adding their own information or images to IWM’s War Memorials Register, or even adding a new memorial if your local one is not yet listed.

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War Memorial at Kew
© IWM (Q 48872)

War Memorials Register

Search the War Memorials Register - a comprehensive national register of UK war memorials and the names of the individuals they commemorate.

An interwar Earl Haig Fund 'Remembrance Day' poppy
© IWM (EPH 2313)
Classroom Resource

Lives of the First World War: Remembrance and Legacies

Use these sources to find out why and how we remember the First World War through the lives of real people.

The Cemetery, Étaples, 1919 by John Lavery
© IWM (Art.IWM ART 2884)
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Remembrance in the First World War

Use these sources to find out about Remembrance during the First World War.