• Western Front
  • Age 9 to 11 (KS2)
  • Age 11 to 14 (KS3)
  • Age 14-16 (KS4)

What challenges did medics face on the Western Front? 
The range of weapons used meant there was a variety of ways men could be wounded. New techniques were developed to help treat injuries. 

We have created resources based on real Life Stories, researched through our project Lives of the First World War.

Step 1: Browse the six personal stories of individuals who were directly affected

Step 2: Download individual PowerPoints containing historical sources

Step 3: Try our Suggested Activities


  • KS3/4 - Challenges for Britain, Europe and the wider world, 1901-present.  
  • GCSE - Warfare and British society, c1250-Present.
  • To explore the role of medics and medicine through personal stories during the First World War.

These resources were created with the kind support of The Charles Skey Charitable Trust

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