Wednesday 22 April 2020
  • Aviation
  • Age 9-11 (KS2)
    Age 11-14 (KS3)

Did you know IWM Duxford was the first place to have the famous Spitfire fighter plane?

Join IWM expert Craig as he shares real life stories about brave pilots and the aircraft that flew from IWM Duxford. He’ll tell us about a pilot who succeeded against the odds and share stories of his furry co-pilot.

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Part of the Adventures in History series created during the UK lockdown in Spring 2020.

Curriculum Links and Learning Objectives

  • KS2 - A significant turning point in British history: the Battle of Britain.                                                                        

  • KS3/4 - Challenges for Britain, Europe and the wider world, 1901-present day.           

  • To develop knowledge of the lives of pilots and the advances in aviation during the Second World War.

Paper Plane Challenge

Paper Plane Challenge

Are you Team Vulcan or Team Spitfire? Put these two iconic aircrafts to the test in our paper plane challenge!

CBBC Presenter Ben Shires, sets your challenge.

Watch the mission briefing

Learn about war in the air

McDonnel Douglas Phantom in flight
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Learn about war in the air

How has war in the air changed throughout history? Find out how balloons were used in conflict and how technology has advanced. 


Poster for IWM's learning content Adventures in History: The World's Best Den
The World’s Best Den
Why were air raid shelters needed in the Second World War? Join IWM expert Ngaire as she tells real life stories of how people passed the time—whether they sheltered in their back garden or in underground tunnels.  
Adventures in History: Ship Shape Stories graphic
Ship Shape Stories
Join IWM expert Ngaire as she helps us discover the extraordinary stories from the deck of the largest object in IWM’s collection, HMS Belfast.
Adventures in History: Life Under The Sea graphic
Life Under The Sea
Our special guest, Ed from the Royal Navy, is interviewed by CBBC presenter Ben Shires. Ed will tell us all about what it’s like to work on a submarine and spend months living deep beneath the waves.

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IWM London Exterior shot
IWM London
School visits to IWM London
Bookings are now open for September to December 2021. We’re excited to be welcoming schools back to IWM. To keep us all safe we’re limiting bookings to three groups per day.
IWM North landscape view
IWM North
School visits to IWM North
Purpose-built to tell the powerful stories of over a century of war, IWM North makes full use of its extraordinary exhibition space to deliver an award-winning immersive experience.
IWM Duxford Showcase
IWM Duxford
School visits to IWM Duxford
Walk through the same hangars and buildings as those who served at RAF Duxford. See aircraft take to the skies from the airfield that Spitfires first flew. And get up close to over a century of aviation with hundreds of aircraft and objects on display.