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If you've been tuning into our Adventures in History series, you'll have met IWM expert Ngaire who will have relayed some tales from the trenches and beyond! It’s time to put that knowledge to the test and see how much you have remembered in our truly tricky Family Mission quiz!

If you want one last quick reminder you can still view our Adventures in History videos with Ngaire:

Watch Trench Tales: Part One

Watch Trench Tales: Part Two

Good Luck and don’t forget to tell us how you scored on IWM’s Facebook and Twitter

the lower half of the composition has a view inside a trench with duckboard paths leading to a dug-out. Two infantrymen stand to the left of the dug-out entrance, one of them on the firestep looking over the parapet into No Man's Land. There is a wood of shattered trees littered with corrugated iron and planks at ground level to the right of the composition. The sky stretches above in varying shades of blue with a spectacular cloud formation framing a clear space towards the top of the composition.
© IWM Art.IWM ART (2243)
1. In part one how many soldiers can be seen in the trench photograph?
2. What regiment were these soldiers a part of?
3. What year did Britain declare war?
4. What does ANZAC stand for?
5. Who came up with the idea of sending soldiers a Christmas gift box?
Oil painting of Subadar Khudadad Khan VC, by Hal Bevan-Petman, 1952
Oil painting of Subadar Khudadad Khan © IWM Q 66798
6. What medal was Khudadad Khan awarded for his bravery?
7. What made ANZAC cookies a good choice to send to the soldiers as gifts?
8. In part two in Albert Tattersall’s letters home to his parents, how many times did he say he was able to take a bath in a week?
9. Receiving letters from home was a key part in keeping the soldiers spirits up when based in the trenches. How many letters were delivered by the British Army Postal Service?
10. In part 2 what job did Caroline do for the war effort?
11. What is special about where Ngaire lives?


1. 7

2. The Lancashire Fusiliers

3. 1914

4. Australian and New Zealand Army Corps

5. Princess Mary

6. The Victoria Cross

7. They are made without egg so would travel well

8. Once

9. 2 billion

10. Making the shells and bullets that would be sent to the armed forces

11. She lives on a boat

How did you get on?

1-3: Good effort (if you want to find what you missed you can go back and watch the videos again)

4-7: Brilliant effort (if you want to find what you missed you can go back and watch the videos again)

7-11: Wow you could even work for IWM someday (If you want to learn even more go back and watch other Adventures in History)

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©IWM (Q 5100)
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