Wednesday 3 June 2020
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  • Age 9-11 (KS2)
    Age 11-14 (KS3)

What does the D in D-Day stand for? Why was 6 June 1944 so important?

Join IWM expert Holiday as she answers those questions and reveals some of the exciting secrets and stories behind D-Day. Discover the planning behind this top secret mission and what took place to make it happen.

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D-Day: People and Planning

Part of the Adventures in History series created during the UK lockdown in Spring 2020.  

Curriculum Links and Learning Objectives

  • KS2 - A significant turning point in British history: D Day.                              

  • KS3/4 - Challenges for Britain, Europe and the wider world, 1901-present.   

  • To understand the scale and operations of D-day; the countries and people involved. 

Parachute Jump

Poster image for Imperial War Museums' Family Mission: Parachute Jump

Parachute Jump

Colonel Shires has a top-secret mission for you - to create parachuting D-Day dummies!

Bamboozle the enemy and contribute to the success of D-Day.

Watch the mission briefing

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A factory worker producing the strips of aluminium foil for 'Window'
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More on D-Day

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