Monday 6 April 2020

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Why were air raid shelters needed in the Second World War?

Why were air raid shelters needed in the Second World War?

Join IWM expert Ngaire aboard her cosy houseboat on the River Thames as she tells real life stories of how people passed the time—whether they sheltered in their back garden or in underground tunnels. What would you have taken inside to keep yourself and your family entertained? Viewers will hear stories about John, whose father built an Anderson shelter that they grew vegetables on top of in their garden, and Kitty, who spent nights in a communal bomb shelter in Camberwell with her family.

Family Mission

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For our first Family Mission, we're asking a big question: What would you say if your only means of communicating with your family was a 25 word message that would take months to arrive?

Discover how the Hill family from Guernsey managed to stay in touch when the Second World War separated writing very short letters with the most important information they wanted to share - then have a go at writing your own. Find out more on Facebook

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Reproduction of a house in the 1940s

Explore further

What was a 1940s house like? Discover what you might have found in the wartime kitchen and investigate why toys were even more special to their owners than usual. 

Explore the 1940s House