• A young boy looks up at the camera and smiles whilst climbing up a ladder on board HMS Belfast. He wears a red puffer coat, a green and yellow scout scarf, and a grey camping backpack.

    Officers' Package

    Our most action-packed package, the Officers’ Package provides the ultimate immersive and authentic HMS Belfast experience. Kippers will enjoy a Royal Navy-inspired dinner, an evening activity of your choice, a tour of the Captain’s Bridge and Flag Deck, as well as breakfast and a complimentary learning session in the morning.

  • Two young female scouts sit at a table participating in the “mess mugs” activity on board HMS Belfast. One girl wears a blue jumper with scout’s patches sewn on. She holds a white mug as she draws on some Royal Navy inspired flags with blue and red pen.

    Ratings’ Activity Package

    For the Kippers ready for action, our Ratings Activity package includes an evening activity of your choice, a tour of the Captain’s Bridge and Flag Deck, as well as breakfast and a complimentary learning session in the morning.*

  • Sitting in the Stokers’ café on board HMS Belfast, two young boy scouts and a young girl scout, smile whilst sitting at a table eating a dinner of sausages and mash and peas. One of the boys bites into a sausage, whilst the girl smiles down at her food whilst cutting into it with a knife and fork.

    Ratings’ Dinner Package

    For the Kippers looking for a more relaxed stay, our Ratings’ Dinner Package includes dinner, breakfast, and a complimentary learning session in the morning.

    Ratings’ Dinner Package groups have the opportunity to hire our Learning Room to carry out their own activities in the evening**. 

    Alternatively, groups can also stay in the mess decks and create their own entertainment, just like the sailors of HMS Belfast did! We have a selection of board games and a DVD player with DVDs available; please contact us for more details. 

*Please note that outside food is not permitted on-board or in the mess decks, except for non-perishable snacks. Groups are advised to eat dinner before their arrival.

**Subject to Terms and Conditions and an additional fee of £100. For more information, please email [email protected]

Step on board


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Before booking please read our T&Cs.

Officers' Package Ratings' Activity Package Ratings' Dinner Package

Children (aged 7-16)

Per person

£74 £64 £64


Per person. We can accommodate a maximum of six adults (at least one for every ten children)

£64 £64 £64
A young girl on a tour of the Captain’s Bridge and Flag Deck smiles and points out to the distance. It is night and the lights of Tower Bridge can be seen in the background.

Evening Activities 

Depending on which package you choose, the Kippers can participate in one of our three evening activities.

Skills acquired in some of these workshops can contribute towards the Scout and Girl Guide Communicator Badges. They offer a unique opportunity to discover the realities of life on a warship and learn about some of the different jobs on board that helped to keep this floating town ‘shipshape’.

All evening activities include an exclusive tour of the Captain’s Bridge and Flag Deck with a chance to look out over the iconic London skyline at night.

  • A RIN signalman sending a semaphore message.
    © IWM A 10535


    You’ll find out about the vital role of visual signallers in the Royal Navy and learn semaphore, a flag signal language, before making your own mini flagpole to raise a flag signal of your own. 

  • H O man Able Seaman Ray pouring out tea in his mess deck. On either side of him are also H O men.
    © IWM A 2233

    Mess Mugs

    HMS Belfast was not only a place of work but home to 950 sailors during the Second World War. When not at work, the men spent their time in their mess decks where they would often spend their time ‘off watch’ with a hot drink! 

    Inspired by what they learn of life on board and the jobs performed by the crew, Kippers can design and decorate their own mess mug to create a unique souvenir of their time aboard.

  • A Wren Wireless Telegraphist
    © IWM A 13710

    Morse Code

    Learn about the use of Morse Code on board HMS Belfast through the voices and memories of the veterans who had the very important role of Telegraphist on board the ship.

    Kippers will learn all about how ships communicated with each other, and ship to shore, through transmitting and receiving their own coded messages to each other using Morse Code.

  • Men sat down for dinner on board a trawler at Dover. Note the men's bunks, the bottom ones folded up, behind them.
    © IWM A 5913


    With our dinner inclusive packages, Kippers can enjoy a traditional Royal Naval-inspired dinner in the Stoker’s Café, which was originally a mess deck where sailors relaxed, ate, drank, and slept.

  • Boy scout puts his hand up to answer a question in the learning room on board HMS Belfast

    Learning room hire

    Groups choosing the Ratings’ Dinner have the option to hire our on-board Learning Room, to carry out their own evening activities. 

    The Learning Room was once an aircraft hangar, and later a mess deck. Now, with a capacity of 58, and decorated with both historic photographs and objects from Imperial War Museum’s collection, it provides the perfect historic environment for groups to learn about life on a warship.

    The hire cost is £100, and groups can use the room between 6pm and 10pm.

    All activities are subject to prior approval and our Terms and Conditions.

    For more information about the facilities, please email [email protected]

A souvenir of your stay

A collection of gift items are photographed on a white background. Items include a blue and white duffle bag with the HMS Belfast emblem; a blue and gold badge of the HMS Belfast emblem; a red pen with a white HMS Belfast logo; a coloured image and magnet of HMS Belfast on the Thames with Tower Bridge in the background; a grey model keyring of HMS Belfast and a red booklet with the HMS Belfast logo in white.
Image for illustration purposes only

For groups looking for a souvenir of their stay, we have several gift items available for purchase.                        

Gifts can be ordered in advance via your booking form, which we will send you eight-to-twelve weeks before your stay. Alternatively, you can visit our shop during normal opening hours before or after your stay, or online.


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