New packages for 2022 – now including dinner! 

Kip in a Ship offers an exciting and affordable sleepover experience for children aged 7-16 in the heart of London, where adventurous ‘Kippers’ get to sleep in original sailor’s bunks for the ultimate after-hours experience.

Schools and youth groups are invited to enjoy nautical night-time activities and a private tour of the Captain’s Bridge and Flag Deck, and experience life below deck in this adventure on the River Thames.

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An Unforgettable Sleepover Experience


Evening Activities - Mess Deck Life

Depending on which package you choose, and the age range of your group, the Kippers will participate in either one, two, or three of the following activities.

Skills acquired in some of these workshops can contribute towards the Scout and Girl Guide Communicator Badges. They offer a unique opportunity to discover the realities of life on a warship, and learn about some of the different jobs on board that helped to keep this floating town shipshape.

  • Signalling

    You’ll find out about the role of visual signallers and learn semaphore, a flag signal language, before making your own mini flagpole to raise a flag signal of your own. 

  • Mess Mugs

    HMS Belfast was not only a place of work but a home to over 950 sailors who spent some of their time on board indulging in one of their favourite drinks – hot chocolate! Inspired by what they learn, Kippers can design and decorate their own mess mug in which they’ll get to enjoy a hot chocolate themselves!

  • Morse Code

    Recommended for older Kippers, the group will learn all about how ships communicated with each other, and ship to shore, using Morse code. They will also be given the opportunity to make their own Morse code device.

  • Captain's Bridge

    In addition to their activities, groups will be guided through an exclusive tour of the Captain’s Bridge and Flag Deck with a chance to look out over the iconic London skyline at night.

  • New for 2022: Dinner Time! 

    We are now offering groups the opportunity to enjoy a dinner in the Stoker’s Café, which was originally a mess deck where sailors relaxed, ate, drank and slept. After learning about how and what sailors ate, the kids will then enjoy a traditional and delicious dinner, based on a Royal Navy menu. Throughout dinner service, the Kippers will take part in various activities, including learning ‘Jack Speak’, discovering what sailors wore, and where different locations can be found around the 9 decks of HMS Belfast.


Up to 52 children can stay for up to three nights on board, immersing themselves in the ship’s history by sleeping in real sailors’ bunks. We can accommodate a maximum of six adults (at least one adult for every ten children) in two separate cabins.

Your visit includes breakfast and a complimentary morning learning session where children will discover the stories of the men who lived and worked on board this warship during D-Day and beyond. 

Please be advised, although we do our utmost to provide a session to every group, occasionally due to staffing resources we may not be able to provide this complimentary session.


Ratings’ Package (£60 per head) - includes breakfast and either dinner or an activity


Officers’ Package (£70 per head) - includes breakfast, dinner and an activity


Captains’ Package (£80 per head) - includes breakfast, dinner and 2 activities


  • The minimum party size you will be charged for is 20.
  • The evening’s activities also include a tour of the Captain's Bridge.
  • Packed lunches and gift bags can be added for an extra fee.

How to Book

Please read our Terms and Conditions prior to booking.

  • You can only book one night at a time, so if you would like more than one night, simply repeat the booking process up to a maximum of three nights per group.
  • You do not need to know your group size at the reservation stage. We will ask you to complete a form with the full details of your group eight weeks prior to arrival.
  • If you are booking an evening activity it should be specified at this stage. Packed lunches and gift bags can be ordered at the same time. We will invoice you for the remaining amount.

Kip in a Ship is suitable for school and youth groups. We are not able to accept bookings from higher education groups, families, or individuals.

If you have further queries, please see our Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

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