How to apply

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View the current opportunities section to download the relevant job description.

The job description will contain information about the role, the department, and a person specification.

In most cases you will be asked to complete an online application form. However, there are some cases where a CV will be required which will be detailed on the application form. Please do not submit speculative CVs.

Complete all the sections of the online application form. In the supporting statement section of your application form you should outline the contribution you would hope to make to IWM (Imperial War Museums) and the department you are applying to work in. Please refer to your knowledge, skills and past achievements related to the job description. In addition, you should describe how you meet each competency statement detailed in the relevant person specification.       

If you are specifically asked to submit a CV and covering letter, the covering letter should specify how you meet each of the competencies detailed in the relevant person specification.

IWM is committed to equal opportunities. This includes not discriminating under the Equality Act 2010 and making hiring decisions based on skills without prejudice. Therefore, we ask that you do not include any identifying information in your CV or cover letter. The other areas of the application form where identifying information is included will be anonymised to hiring managers to allow IWM to recruit without bias.

You should receive an email notification confirming your application has been received.

If your application is shortlisted for the next stage, you will be contacted via email or telephone. If you have not received an invitation to interview three weeks after the stated closing date, then you should assume that you have not been successful on this occasion.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are not able to sponsor work visas therefore to work for IWM you must be a UK National or:

  • a Commonwealth citizen (i.e., having the status of a Commonwealth citizen under the British Nationality Act 1981). This includes British citizens, British Dependent Territory citizens and British National (Overseas) citizens, and British Overseas citizens;
  • a British protected person; or
  • hold the requisite work permits and entry visas as deemed necessary for residency and work in the United Kingdom

You must provide details of your qualifications, starting with your secondary education. Please ensure that you give full details of any qualifications or relevant experience specific to the post that you are applying for. 

Where specific qualifications are required for the post (i.e., GCSE or equivalent for administrative posts, a science qualification for scientific posts), you will need to bring the original certificates when requested.

Please also ensure you provide details of any relevant professional/vocational qualifications and other relevant training.

You should provide details of your employment history for the past ten years to date, starting with your current/most recent position. Please give details of all full and part-time work, including periods of self-employment. 

Please provide details for any time that has not been covered in any other section of the form. This is an opportunity for you to tell us about other activities that you may have been involved in such as voluntary work, running a household, travel etc.

References will only be requested if you are made a conditional offer of employment, or in advance if you have given your permission and this will form part of our pre-employment checks. All references (together with further pre-employment checks) must be satisfactorily received before an offer of employment will be made.

If a conditional offer of employment has been made, you will be asked to provide the names of people who can provide references about you. You should provide details of a senior representative from your current/most recent position.

This section is one of the most important sections of the application form. This is where you need to demonstrate that you meet the requirements for the post. It is not sufficient just to reiterate the criteria.

The person specification describes the skills, ability, knowledge, and experience that are required for the post. Using the person specification in the job description, and with practical examples, please describe how you meet the requirements of the job.

Yes. IWM is obliged to treat all applicants, whether internal or external, in the same way applying the same selection criteria. Both internal and external candidates must apply in the same way and demonstrate that they meet the requirements of the post. An internal candidate should not assume that there is any prior knowledge about his or her current role or experience whilst working at IWM and should address all criteria listed in the advertised job description.

No, a CV or covering letter will only be accepted if specified on the application form.

By completing this section, this information will assist IWM in continuing its commitment to the principle of equal opportunities in employment and the provision of goods, services, and facilities to the public.

You are considered to be disabled under the Equality Act 2010 if you have a physical or mental impairment that has a ‘substantial’ and ‘long-term’ negative effect on your ability to do normal daily activities.

Yes. Your application must be submitted in enough time to meet the closing date deadline. We do not accept late applications and cannot accept responsibility for applications that are not submitted in time.

Once you have submitted an application, your application form will be reviewed against the advertised criteria to assess your suitability for the post. If you pass this stage, and you have met the eligibility criteria for appointment, you will be invited to the next stage of the process. This will be a panel interview.

The interview panel will normally consist of three members who will discuss your skills and achievements as well as issues relevant to the post. You should be prepared to answer scenario-based questions and expand on the responses given on your application form.

One of the panel members will usually be the manager of the post for which you have applied. During the interview, panel members will be making notes of your replies. The panel uses these notes to recall what was said when making their final assessments. Try not to be put off by this.

Yes. You will be informed via a telephone call or email if you are short-listed for interview. However, if you have not received an invitation to interview three weeks after the closing date stated, then you should assume that you have not been successful on this occasion.

The interview panel will tell you when you will be notified of the outcome of the recruitment process.

Yes. If you are recommended for appointment, we will need to complete the remaining relevant security and/or DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service), health checks and reference checks to ensure you are qualified for appointment. Whilst these checks are being undertaken, you may be offered a 'conditional appointment'.

When all enquiries have been completed satisfactorily, we will inform you and your appointment will be confirmed. To enable these enquiries to be undertaken you will need to bring the following documents to Human Resources either in person, via video call or by post:

I. Your educational certificates
II. Evidence of your identity (an original birth certificate or passport)
III. Evidence of your right to work in the United Kingdom (such as work permit and/or visa) if necessary

These documents will be photocopied and returned to you

Wherever possible you will be offered feedback if you have attended an interview.

Once you have been notified of the outcome of your application, and if feedback is being offered, you may be asked if you wish to receive feedback by telephone or in writing. One of the panel members will normally deliver this.

The dates for the selection stages will be set out in the relevant job specific information, and you should try to ensure that you keep these dates free or notify the Human Resources team if you are unavailable. Whilst every effort will be made to accommodate individual circumstances, we cannot guarantee that they will be met.

If you have any questions about the recruitment process or your application, or if you have any comments or suggestions about our recruitment process, please email the Human Resources team at [email protected].