Conflict of Interest

Conflict of Interest is the critically-acclaimed podcast series created by the IWM Institute which makes sense of the world's most important conflicts.

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Podcast Series

Conflict of Interest | Series 1

Over seven episodes, we unpack some of the world’s most complicated recent conflicts, from the Northern Ireland "Troubles" to the Iraq War. 

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Podcast Series

Conflict of Interest | Series 2

A podcast which sees celebrities ask the simple questions about the most complex conflicts from the Cold-War era.

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Podcast Series

Conflict of Interest | Miniseries- Before The War

Before The War is a bonus mini-podcast and comic series from Conflict of Interest and illustrator @thefakepan which explores the lives of three artists whose worlds were changed by conflict.

Listen to Conflict of Interest on IWM's website or follow along on Spotify, Apple podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts. 


Catch up on our live talks series exploring today's conflict news.

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Talks and Tours

From Sniper to Smartphone: Hybrid Warfare and the New Face of Conflict

IWM London
Saturday 18 November 2023

Digital Series

Explore our online conversations and events series featuring artists, conflict eyewitnesses, policy experts and more.

Shingai performing as part of Refugee Nights

Refugee Nights

Refugee Nights is a series of videos exploring refugees' stories in talks, music, history and food.


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Contemporary conflict

Reimagining Victory

A digital series of talks & debates questioning the concept of 'victory' in conflict today.