S2 E7: Ukraine, with Sophie Duker

What is the history behind the devastating war in Ukraine, and how did it all begin? Recorded in August 2022, this special episode of Conflict of Interest explores Ukraine’s recent past, from the collapse of the Soviet Union to Russia’s annexation of Crimea with guests including comedian Sophie Duker, Ukrainian journalist, expert and activist Olga Tokariuk, academic and historian Samir Puri and senior IWM curator Carl Warner.

"I felt at that moment that it was really something historic. The Orange Revolution filled me with a lot of hope and inspiration, and also gave me first hand experience that people have power, and that people can change the course of history". Olga Tokariuk - journalist & researcher

Episode Guests

  • Image of comedian Sophie Duker

    Sophie Duker

    Sophie Duker is a stand-up comedian and writer.

  • Academic Dr Samir Puri

    Samir Puri

    Samir Puri is an author and academic, currently Senior Fellow in Urban Security and Hybrid Warfare at the International Institute for Strategic Studies.

  • Carl Warner, Head of Narrative and Curatorial

    Carl Warner

    Carl Warner is Head of Narrative and Curatorial at IWM, and an expert on Cold War-era conflicts.

  • Olga Tokariuk - Ukrainian journalist

    Olga Tokariuk

    Olga Tokariuk is an independent journalist and researcher from Ukraine. 


In this special episode our guests share personal items illustrating significant moments in Ukrainian history.

  • Olga Tokariuk - protest

    Photography from the Euromaidan protests, 2013-2014

    This photo shows Olga alongside friends and colleagues taking part in Ukraine's Euromaidan protests, also known as the 'Revolution of Dignity', in 2014.

  • Euromaidan protest footage

    Footage from the Euromaidan protests, 2013-14

    Olga shared video footage of the protests, providing personal commentary on the actions of police and her feelings towards the Yanukovych government, as explosions are heard around her.

  • Shot of Ruslana performing at Eurovision

    Video of Ruslana's Eurovision performance, 2004

    Our guests were shown a video of Ruslana performing her song Wild Dances at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2004. Ruslana was a prominent activist in the Orange Revolution and in Olga's words became its "pop icon face".

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