Top Tips
How long will we stay?

To get the most out of your visit we recommend you leave at least 90 minutes in your day to see everything, though many people stay for half a day or more.

Save money

Book your ticket in advance online and receive 10% discount as well as fast track entry.

Remember our family ticket for 2 adults permits up to 6 children – so bring their BFFs, cousins or even the neighbour’s kids to make the most of it.

Check the forecast

The tour takes you above deck and below, so don’t forget to pack your sun cream. If it is raining there are plenty of indoor areas to explore.

What ages is HMS Belfast suited for?

Everyone is welcome on board but captains aged 5+ will enjoy it most. (Under 5s come on board for free).

There is a minimum height restriction of 4ft for our engine rooms, however there is still plenty more to explore for smaller crew members.

Buggies are only allowed on the ship throughout '2' deck, and we would advise not to bring them at all if possible.

Grab a bite to eat

If you get hungry whilst on the ship stop by our on board Café for lunch.

There are also areas to sit and enjoy packed lunches around the ship.

Bring your camera!

There’s plenty of moments on board you’ll want to capture from sitting in the Captain’s chair to the excellent views of London.

Don’t forget to tag us when posting your pics online #HMSBelfast @I_W_M.

Be guided around the ship

Don't forget to pick up an audio guide at the entrance of the ship. There is also a child-friendly version created especially for kids to follow.

Clothing and footwear

It’s a good idea to wear comfy shoes - you’ll be climbing ladders across nine decks.

As you need to climb ladders, we also recommended wearing shorts or trousers rather than skirts or dresses.

On a chilly day, it's best to bring layers so you can easily adjust to the temperature.  

Duck and Step

A visit to HMS Belfast is a fairly active day out - you will need to watch your step as you climb through doorways and up ladders.

And for mums and dads around 6 ft. your head when ducking through our hatches.  


There are two sets of toilets, one to the front of the ship and one to the back.

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