Thursday 16 May 2019

'Unaffordable' Vending Machine

'Unaffordable' Vending Machine

Though the shop shelves are full, almost ten million people in Yemen are suffering from extreme hunger. Conflict has tipped the nation into an economic tailspin, destroyed livelihoods and driven food prices up beyond the reach of ordinary Yemenis.

IWM installed an ‘unaffordable’ vending machine at Manchester Piccadilly, displaying familiar products with price tags that reflect the financial situation in Yemen -  here’s how members of the public reacted to the installation.

Find out more about how the humanitarian crisis in Yemen has affected its people at Yemen: Inside a Crisis at IWM North (17 May 2019 -26 January 2020)

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A child stands on the rubble of their house, which was hit by an artillery shell targeting the residential neighborhood of Al-Nisariya in the city of Taiz, with the rest of his toys
© Ahmed Basha, 2016
Yemen: Inside a Crisis

IWM North

17 May 2019 to 26 January 2020

Background to a crisis
Contemporary conflict
Yemen: Background to a Crisis
After four years of persistent fighting the conflict in Yemen is ever more bloody with attempts to reach a political settlement increasingly complex. This man-made humanitarian crisis is the worst in the world. 
A child selling fruit in the centre of the city of Taiz, central Yemen.
© Ahmed Basha, 2015
Contemporary conflict
Yemen: Inside a Crisis - Food Security
Almost ten million people in Yemen are suffering from extreme hunger - find out more about how an entirely man-made situation is pushing Yemen to the brink.