'Until you leave it, you don't know what is home'

Artist Shorsh Saleh has created a series of works for the Refugees exhibition at IWM London, including five miniature paintings and two handwoven carpets based on Saleh’s journey from Iraqi Kurdistan to the UK.

The works relate to the process of leaving behind his homeland, the two years of travelling across borders illegally and the eight years of waiting for asylum in the UK.

The carpets were designed by Saleh and made by a group of Kurdish weavers as part of the artist’s project Chenin, which aims to revive the ancient tradition of Kurdish weaving in Iraqi Kurdistan.

The artworks were on display as part of Refugees: Forced to Flee.


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Art And Design

Indrė Šerpytytė: Constellations

Artist Indrė Šerpytytė has represented various refugee journeys across the Mediterranean through lights in her new work Constellations, now on display at IWM London as part of Refugees: Forced to Flee. 
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Art And Design

Grace Schwindt: Remembering Home

Artist Grace Schwindt’s new work Remembering Home is a sculpture and audio artwork, created for IWM’s Refugee season. Each sculpture is based on a conversation with an individual refugee, in which they recalled their home before conflict. The sculptures are accompanied by an audio piece, inspired by the sounds and events each refugee remembered.
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First World War

Reckoning with Refugeedom

Reckoning with Refugeedom is an ongoing project conducted by the University of Manchester. The project aims to put refugees more firmly and centrally into modern history by accessing the perspectives of refugees from different backgrounds, through petitions and letters to those in positions of authority, but also personal correspondence and other source material.