Thursday 18 January 2018

'We could be more trusted'

'We could be more trusted'

Pulitzer-prize winning photographer Sergey Ponomarev has covered subjects ranging from daily life in his homeland of Russia to conflicts including the Libyan civil war and combat in Afghanistan.

When he travelled to Syria in 2013-2014, he was able to record the lives of people living in Government-controlled areas of the country and tell stories that other photographers found impossible to access. 

These photographs make up Assad's Syria, presented at IWM North as part of the Syria: A Conflict Explored season.  

As an award-winning photographer, Sergey is used to seeing his work appear in publications like the New York Times but in a world where social media is becoming increasingly influential, he says it is important to be aware where your news is coming from, particularly when it comes to topics like the Syria conflict.