Culture Under Attack was a season of three free exhibitions, live music, performances and talks at IWM London that explored how war threatens not just people’s lives, but also the things that help define us.

'Being a metalhead isn't becoming a metalhead, it’s something inside you'

Jake Shuker is lead singer of Syrian death metal band Maysaloon. 

But in Syria, death metal is considered blasphemous and satanic - the ultimate rebel music, says Jake. His involvement in the scene sometimes prompted death threats, which made performing amidst the danger and uncertainty of war even more of a risk. 

Because of the music, however, it was a risk Jake was prepared to take.

Jake performed and shared his experiences at IWM London alongside fellow Syrian performer, Aeham Ahmad as part of Rebel Sounds Live. Watch the highlights of the event here.

Rebel Sounds Live was part of IWM's Culture Under Attack season. 

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The Serbian DJ and music journalist, Tijana T in Belgrade
© Sever Žolak
IWM London

Rebel Sounds Live

A free series of live interventions and discussions with musicians and activists who have risked their lives for culture in times of war, exile and censorship.

Aeham Ahmad sitting at a piano in a damaged street in Syria
© Aeham Ahmad/Niraz Saied Aeham Ahmad performing in Yarmouk, Syria.
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Syrian metal singer Jake Shuker in action
Photo: Richard Ash
Contemporary conflict

Rebel Sounds Live: Syria

Watch highlights from the first Rebel Sounds Live: Syria event with Jake Shuker and Aeham Ahmad.