People Power : Fighting For Peace - Raised Voices and Lizzie Shirley

People Power : Fighting For Peace - Raised Voices and Lizzie Shirley

Raised Voices is a London-based political choir which has been in existence since 1986, singing a repertoire of anti-war, environmental, social justice and other songs at protests, marches and demonstrations.

Musical director Elizabeth Shirley has been involved in protest for more than 40 years, taking part in demonstrations at Greenham common, CND marches and the million-strong march through London against the Iraq War in 2003.

Her own anti-war stance has been informed by the death of her uncle in the Second World War as well as broader sense of social injustice.

For Lizzie, protest and music are inextricably linked.

‘I think music is intrinsic to being a human being, to me, you can’t be a human without responding to music, so the expression of struggle and protest, through music, is non-negotiable,’ she said.

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People Power: Fighting For Peace
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People Power: Fighting For Peace
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