Amerah Saleh is a spoken word artist whose Yemeni roots shape much of her work, including this poem, My Yemen is Beautiful.

Commissioned as part of IWM North's Yemen: Inside a Crisis  season, it draws on Amerah’s Yemen – from her memories of time spent in the country and from the lives of her family members who still live there. 

See her perform My Yemen is Beautiful in this video filmed at IWM North. 

About the poem

About the poem

Drawing on conversations with her mother and family members who still live in Yemen, Amerah uses poetry to paint a picture of a country that is still beautiful to her, even in the midst of war.

'Spoken word poetry gives a traumatic experience humanity,' says Amerah. 'People can look beyond the fact that there’s a massive war going on, but actually see the person.'


Her work also featured in Yemen: Say hello to connect, an interactive artwork which is taking the issues featured in the exhibition to the streets of Manchester. Visitors hear Amerah's voice and stories about experiences of her family. 

Yemen: Inside a Crisis is the UK’s first exhibition to address Yemen’s on-going conflict and humanitarian crisis. It features around 50 objects and photographs, many of which have been exclusively sourced from Yemen for this exhibition.

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